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Satiating your Lust: Does Your Escort Truly Know How To Please You?

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Satiating your Lust: Does Your Escort Truly Know How To Please You?

With over 60,879 females and 44,085 males working within the escorting industry in the UK alone, you may naturally start to feel a little overwhelmed when you start to scroll through the internet in order to locate perfect companion. Whether you have gone online to find an escorting agency or have heard through word of mouth that a local independent escort truly knows how to please, you need to make sure that your companion knows how to fully satisfy you and all of your desires.

Sometimes an unsuccessful date with an escort can emerge just because you and your companion just are not suited to each other. Your personalities might just not merge together or you may just not feel comfortable enough to express all of your sexual desires when you arrive at a hotel room together. What matters is that you take your time and truly get to know your companion. If there is something that you do not like then let her (or him) know as fast as possible. Never keep this knowledge to yourself!

Have You Picked The Right Category Of Escort?

Everyone knows that human sexuality is something that is very difficult to be pinned down. You cannot define it solely as one sort of sexual interest or flame. Not when there are so many fetishes out there that some people even choose to make a part of their lifestyle. These fetishes can be softcore or even extremely hardcore. The categories of these fetishes tend to fall under:

  • Roleplay Fetishes
  • Costume Fetishes
  • Body Part Fetishes

What is important about meeting an escort to address these fetishes is that you remain honest about them. Your escort will not judge you on them, but they will judge you if you decide to keep something secret from them. Your companion is an experienced adult worker and will have interacted with a whole range of fetishes and strange requests. This means that there is genuinely nothing left that will surprise her. If she is uncomfortable about your request then she will certainly not be keeping it a secret from you.

One of the worst things that could happen during a meeting with an escort is to begin being intimate, but then again having no satisfaction from the encounter. If you are not completely honest about what you want then you may find that your companion just will not be able to fully satisfy you. Whilst you can request for small changes to be made during the date, if you suddenly request a whole new fetish or sexual request to be added to the date, you may suddenly find that your request is denied. If you cannot pay for this action, or your companion simply does not have the time to compare for it, you will simply leave the date feeling worse than when you first met your beautiful companion.

So always be open and honest about the things you want and expect from your escort. If your escort simply cannot please you, or if you find that she/he is a little amateur at best with their sexual prowess, there is no harm in stopping the date or just not booking with her in the future. Your escort should be worth her rates, so if you do not like her, then do not just keep going back to her. Find someone new who will genuinely be able to please you.

What Is Your Attitude Towards Your Escort?

Forming a relationship with a beautiful escort is one that is based upon respect and trust. After all, you are putting your fetishes and deepest sexual desires in her hands. You expect her to retain your privacy and make you feel calm before you undertake to satisfy your hidden kinks.

The last thing that needs to happen on a date is either party making the other feel uncomfortable due to their attitude or commentary. The high-end escorts all know that the best way to gain loyalty from their clients is to remain optimistic and accepting of all sexualities and fetishes. That way, a client who may lack the self-confidence to fully accept themselves will feel warm and welcome. They will feel like they are normal people and an escort’s encounter may even bring them the confidence needed to get out there and meet like-minded individuals.

One little-misplaced comment or action is all it takes to destroy this foundation of trust. That is why both you and your escort need to watch what you say. Do not be aggressive with your escort, but also do not take any sort of humiliation or insults in regards to your sexuality and requests. If you are being respectful about what you want, and you are not pressurising or rude, then your escort has no right to make you feel uncomfortable about yourself. Never instigate a situation where you and your escort may have a “falling out.” If you think a date is simply not working out then you have every right to end it, the same way that your escort also has the right to end the date if they think you are mistreating them.

Always keep your attitude in check and remain respectful whilst on a date. Whilst not all personalities will click together perfectly, there is no harm in admitting that the date just did not contain the spark needed to satiate you. Just as long as you remain calm, collected and respectful, then you have every right to simply find a different escort that would suit your personality and specific sexual needs.

Agency VS Independent Escorts

Before you even think about hiring a sexy companion, you need to start considering what sort of worker you want to invest in. Companion agencies, like Mr Smith Escorts, will provide you with a wide range of escorts under one brand name. One of the best things about working with an escorting agency is in regards to the diversity of companions you will get to meet. Each escorting company will have different categories, locations and prices for you to choose from. That means you can find a dream escort that will fully suit all of your kinks and desires, as well as look at previous reviews about how good her service truly.

A true escorting agency will only put up ladies on their website that are completely real. Usually, a problem associated with online escorts, as well as the occasional independent escort, is the fear that they are not real. Skip-the-Games.Com, an escorting directory, listed that online adult community can be an attractive domain for scammers who create and provide “Completely fake ads by posters who are just looking for money, ads where a scammer tries to steal your credit card information, providers who don’t look anything like their photos and escort bookings that end with the customer being robbed.”

Any self-respecting agency will never allow this to happen, as they all screen their photographs, meet the models or ask them to provide selfies to prove that they look the way they have described. This means that you can always ensure that the models you meet will always be a perfect fit for you.

However, as an agency does tend to host a large array of young women and men, you may find that the sort of people that advertise for may look a little bland. After all, they are simply lumped together under one category and have no spice to make them stand out. This may lead to you feeling like you cannot satisfy all of your sexual fantasies with them.

That is why you should also consider an independent escort. An independent escort will stand out amongst her fellow companions as she owns her own business. She will use her stunning personality as her selling point and knows exactly what sort of clientele she is ready to please. If you are willing to take a little more time to uncover the perfect independent escort, then you will always find a tailored service that is personalised to your own fetishes. An independent escort will know everything that is needed to please someone who likes a specific fetish, so you can feel rest assured that your sexual desires will be held in good hands.

The only thing that you may find a little frustrating about an independent escort is their lack of flexibility. If you have more than one fetish, then you may realise that your independent companion can only really satisfy one of them instead of taking care of all of your needs. This may mean that you end up having to find a different independent escort in order to feel fully satisfied. Be sure to always read an independent escort’s sexual skills carefully so that you can see whether or not she will be able to suit you and your specific tastes.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Escorting Experience?

When it comes to finding the perfect sexual companion, you deserve to be treated like royalty. You are paying to make sure that all of your desires are satiated, thus you should not take lacklustre service in return for your money. The moment you feel uncomfortable with your companion, or think that their services are just not up to scratch, do not be scared to initiate conversation. Do not become aggressive or frustrated. Instead, be kind and patient and talk to them about where they may be going wrong or may need to slow down.

Your escort cannot read your mind, thus you will need to be open and honest with them about how you are feeling. If all else fails, then you can simply not see them for another date. The world of escorts is your oyster when it comes to the internet. So take your time and find a perfect companion to soothe your naughtiest desires.

Content Writer: Hannah Fletcher

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock

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