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How Sex Toys Foster Healthier Relationships

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How Sex Toys Foster Healthier Relationships

The use of sex toys has been on the increase for the past decade. Taboo surrounding the use of adult toys, by individuals or couples, is quickly diminishing and intimate technology is becoming widely accepted. According to studies, sexual enjoyment is enhanced when physical pleasure is stimulated.

So, do sex toys increase satisfaction? How do they impact overall relationship for couples? New research suggests that pleasures in bed and relationships differ from one relationship to the next, and the effects largely depend on gender.

We decided to ask some of the beautiful female Crush escorts at Eros to tell us how using sex toys helped them improve healthier relationships at home and with clientele also.

Here are some of the positive findings.

More and better communication: Couples with communication problems get the opportunity to talk more because they have to be open with each other regarding the type of sex toy they would prefer to use and why. Even shy couples can muster the courage to talk about their desires when, for example, they’re staring at a dildo or bed restraints. You’ll need to establish boundaries by being clear on what is acceptable and what is not; talking about everything will open up the lines of communication.

Take the pressure off: Let’s face it; heterosexual men are under constant pressure to make their partners experience orgasms. This pressure can prevent some men from delivering expected results during sex. Also, anxiety leads to erection problems or the inability to climax. When sex toys are introduced, the pressure is relieved because both of you will be more confident in the bedroom. Women who find it hard to orgasm during intercourse will also enjoy.

They strengthen intimacy: Sex life stagnates with the same routine, but sex toys are the gateway for further exploration into the relationship. Exploration is exciting because it provides knowledge about sexual desires and preferences. Learning more about your partner increases intimacy in the bedroom, an essential component for a happier relationship.

They open the doors to better things: Sex toys are a gateway to an active sex life. When you and your partner decide to use sex toys to fulfill fantasies, your relationship will be revived if it was stagnating or dying. The very idea of accepting to use a sex toy indicates open-mindedness, a trait that leads to better things in relationships. Sexual evolution leads to a positive view of the relationship and a new approach to it.

Better sex with toys: Toys always make sex better, both physically and emotionally. There is a wide variety of toys so whether you prefer to involve your partner or have them watch as you play with yourself, your sex life will be awesome. Studies concur that couples who enjoy spicier sex lives are happier in their relationships.

Unlike the past, society is now receptive to sex and pleasure toys because the industry is now fully understood thus eliminating the shady aura that surrounded it. Walk into a sex store and get amazed by how mainstream the industry has become, it has been sprinkled with glitz. Interestingly, some toys resemble famous or original art. Open up to your partner about the idea of using sex toys to push your sex life and relationship into the next level.

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