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Blogger & Foodie Dezleigh Teodosio


Blogger & Foodie Dezleigh Teodosio

My site was originally started from a breakup. At the time, I just had a tragic 5-year relationship breakup and writing was my only way to escape the pain. At first, I started writing and blogging about my feelings to just pour it all out. In the long run, I noticed how my posts were getting views and an audience that understood my heartache and wanted to learn more.

Eventually, I kept writing for these readers… I kept writing to share my life’s lessons and inspire others to do better and become a better version of themselves.

How is a typical day like for you?

I’m an early person, so I start my days early. I check and respond my emails first because I work with various international brands for Instagram, and sometimes they might email me late at night when I’m already asleep – this is just because their working day is my night time here in Calgary. Then, I pace my day with blogging, editing photos for Instagram, and doing other chores. After all that, I always find time to workout at night, preferably after dinner or so.

It’s crazy because I start my full-time work as a Pricing Coordinator soon, so I’m going to have busier days with balancing my blog and career together!

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a foodie are you?


I love food. I genuinely enjoy eating especially when I’m in the company of the people I love and adore. For me, food is an essential part of life, not only because we need it to live, but also because of the fact that it serves a connection between people.

Connection as in eating together and socializing, understanding other people’s roots through different ethnic cuisines, and eating great food to support a community and their business. Overall, a foodie understands how all of these are so important, and when combined together it truly makes any food taste ten times better.

Is there any food you’re dying to create and share the recipe on your site in future?

YES!!! I had been dying to create and share more traditional Filipino foods in my blog. The only problem is, I’m still learning and making sure that these recipes are as authentic, delicious and Dezleigh-certified as possible. Hopefully, in the next momths coming up, my site will feature dishes like adobo, kare-kare, minudo, and Bicol express.

Which was the last movie you watched and was it any good?

I watched Sicario last night with my boyfriend, Jason. It was an action movie and I’m not much of an action fan. I’m more of the romantic comedy/ comedy/ science fiction/ Disney/ travel documentaries type of girl. Overall, I thought Sicario was just okay.

If you could be a fictional character, who will it be?

I would be Mulan. She’s a BOSS!!!! She literally loves her family and country so much that she went to war for them. I think she’s brave, strong, and truly a loving character. Mulan for me represents a strong woman, who has the will power to fight for the people she loves. Mulan, somewhat embodies me, because I too, would definitely fight for the ones I love. On top of all that, she ends up winning in love with a sexy and strong general!!!

What turns you off on a date?

A guy with no manners!!! I think that a man must always be courteous especially when on dates!!! Opening the door for a lady, saying “thank you” when necessary, being polite, and even offering to pay for the bill, are so attractive in a man when on a date.

Now, I’m not saying a man must always pay for the bill, because women of today are more than capable of paying for their own food, but offering or just taking the initiative to do so is a classic gentleman move that must be observed!!! So yeah, if my date doesn’t have basic date etiquette, I find this quite a turn off.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Dezleigh. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy, for me is confidence and loving yourself above all your flaws and weaknesses. No one will ever fit the perfect mold of sexy, thus it is important for women to embrace their own sexiness.

The sexiest thing in a woman is her confidence and self-love, knowing that she is beautiful inside and out – this is the type of sexiness we can truly see and creates lasting impact that will get everyone shook.

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