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How To Keep Escort Liaisons & Affairs Discreet Part II

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How To Keep Escort Liaisons & Affairs Discreet Part II

Is Engaging An Escort Better Than Having An Affair?

I hate saying something is better or worse than another option.  Ultimately, it boils down to why they are desiring the affair in the first place.  If the reasons include being disinclined to hurt their spouse, yes, an escort is better and more discreet.

Escorts have honed and tailored their whole world to provide discretion.  They have had more practice, and done more research, into avoiding prying eyes.  You won’t usually find an escort falling so in love, that they demand you dismantle your life and leave your current spouse.  They are often far more conscious of ramifications, complications, and risks than your average friend or colleague.  From awareness of STDs and safe sexual practices, to employing a lawyer like confidence.

How To Keep Escort Liaisons A Secret

There are many ways.  It’s important to pick and choose which ways by knowing your significant other well.  So let’s start with the basics.  Presuming you have already done all of your research and selected a couple of escort candidates, from there you need to start cleaning up the path that brought you here.

  • Create a discreet email account (ideally encrypted) with a password you don’t usually use. This is now your ‘fun’ email. It should ONLY be used for your liaisons.  Remember to always log out of it when you are done using it.  A good example is protonmail.
  • *Computer cleanup. Erase your cookies first. (See diagrams) Your phone, computer, and tablet all of these functions.  This is primarily done in the browser(s) you have used in your research.  Next you are going to want to erase your history.  Finally, empty your computer/smart phones trash bin.  This is not a one time deal.  Do this EVERY SINGLE TIME you visit an escort site, your ‘fun’ email, or anything that directly relates.  Remember, even if you erase this often, the lack of evidence can sometimes be evidence itself.  So avoid using communal household computers if possible.*
  • Which leads me to my next point. Alternate phones.  This one is difficult because you have to either hide the phone, or have a good reason for having it.  I strongly suggest a nice burner phone.  One you can get at Walmart.  This phone can be kept at work, in your car, or other good hiding place.  *picture provided* Remember to still utilize the two steps above.  There is no such thing as being too cautious.  DO NOT buy the phone online.  Buy it at the store and in person.  This goes for your refill cards as well.

  • Discreet funds. Don’t pull the money out for your entertainment all at once, or have a good reason for doing so.  Try to avoid lying.  Both because you love this person, and the lie will hurt than more than the activity (usually) and because lying is difficult to keep up with.  The closer you stay to the truth, the better.  You can utilize several discreet debit like cards as well.  I personally favor the bluebird card.  It’s a good way to tuck away rainy day funds, send money discreetly, and for those that like to buy their companions gifts.  DON’T keep receipts.  Try to book your hotels using the alternate banking/prepaid cards.  It may take awhile to find out which ones take those cards, so ask your providers if they know of any in your area.


  • Take money out for gambling. Go and gamble a little bit, tuck away your winnings or a portion of the money you were playing with.
  • Take money out to buy your partner a gift, buy them a gift, tuck away the extra into your private play fund.
  • Surprise bonuses, tips, or unexpected income is good to tuck away as well.
  • The further in advance you plan ahead for your liaison, the better. Steps to planning ahead…
    • Create a cover story. This is best done by staying as close to the truth as possible (as I mentioned above).
    • Start absently dropping mentions about your cover story. If it falls under “business trip”  Start mentioning the possibility that your job may be sending you someplace and you don’t really want to go.  It’s very important that you avoid shoving your excuse at your partner.  Be subtle, do research to back up your story.
  • Tie as little to your name as possible. Your companion (or affair partner) should already have your information.  So there is no harm in reducing the paper trail as much as you can.
  • Back up clothing. A clean button up, and pair of slacks left in the car or at the office can prevent you from tracking perfume and makeup home.
  • Request little to no makeup and/or little to no perfume in advance. Most ladies understand this is a request for discretion, and are amicable.  Provided you are not aggressive, demanding or rude about your request.
  • Tucked away travel bag. This bag should host your usual shampoo and soap.  You come home smelling just like you left.  Make sure to tuck this away in advance.
  • Don’t tempt fate. “Don’t shit where you eat”.  Both statements mean the same thing and yet this is the biggest mistake I see most make.  If you can avoid playing within a 50 mile radius of home, you should.  NEVER invite a companion to your personal home if you believe your partner will return within the next 24 hours.  Unless you plan for your own death by marital suicide or intend to make it a three way.
  • Finally, if you intend to repeat with different companions. Make sure to make a good impression. Having a solid reference (or three) on hand can make all the difference in your ability to access company in new and exotic locations.  It reduces the paper trail and cuts back on your risk of hiring the wrong partner.    You also get the added bonus of a connection network.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that it’s possible, your partner won’t mind you seeing a companion.  If you think they would be open to letting you explore in a safe and professional way, just open a dialog.  Don’t let it push into argument territory but express your interests.  Be prepared, asking for permission can put you under a microscope for some time

Advice For First Time Clients

This is a tough one.  In the current climate, many escorts are hesitant to accept a new face.  I would strongly urge you to do your research first and foremost.  Collect a small handful of potential candidates.  Look for the profiles that say “newbie friendly”  It’s important to know what you want to get out of hiring a companion.  It will help narrow down your results.   Next, read up on each escort.  Normally, you would find instructions on how to contact her and what should be included in that first correspondence.  If there are no instructions, treat that first contact almost professionally.  Be clear and concise on what you want, when you are interested in meeting, and a small paragraph about yourself.  Avoid being crude, rude, or even asking out any form of sex.  Above all, be respectful and polite.

I would like to tie this article up with one simple all encompassing piece of advice.  Research.  There are many people that have written about ways to keep your dalliances from coming to light.  There is so much more information about the industry just beyond the veil of preconceived notions and social/political propaganda.  If you seek it, you will find it.

Jaycee Rivers – Just another passionate geek feeding my insatiable appetites.  There is nothing more interesting in the world besides fascinating people, and a good book.

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Jaycee Rivers

Just another passionate geek feeding my insatiable appetites. There is nothing more interesting in the world besides fascinating people, and a good book.


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