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Hot Russian Instagram Girls’ Accounts


Hot Russian Instagram Girls’ Accounts

Everybody knows that Russian girls are incredibly beautiful, and that’s why their Instagram accounts gain more and more subscribers from all over the world, and their photos get thousands of likes. We’ve put together a list of the most famous Russian Instagram divas, whose beauty brought them fame.

Svetlana Bilyalova @bilyalova_sveta (over 2.3 million subscribers)

Sveta is one of the most popular Russian girls on Instagram. She would never be able to become a model if not for social media. Soon after she began posting her pics on Instagram, dozens of photographers and model agencies reached out to her, offering contracts and free photo shoots. Sveta isn’t tall, so she never thought she would be professionally engaged in the modeling business, but social networks can do miracles!

Olga Abramovich @oabramovich (over 1.4 million subscribers)

The next spot on our list of hot Instagram girls goes to Olya Abramovich. She’s the standard of Russian beauty. This sophisticated blue-eyed blonde comes from the city of Perm in central Russia. Like our previous beauty, she conquered over a million people with her pretty face.

Galina Mirgaeva @mirgaeva_galinka (over 1.5 million subscribers)

Galina Mirgaeva is another beauty from Perm. The girl had to make a lot of efforts to promote her account, but in the end, she managed to turn people’s attention to her. Now she’s one of the most successful Instagram models in Russia.

Anna Rai @anyuta_rai (over 1.1 million subscribers)

This cutie comes from Yekaterinburg. Anna has been in modeling business since 18. Anna is actively engaged in sports and sticks to a special diet, keeping herself in shape. Some fans claim that Anna’s beauty isn’t as natural as it looks and that the girl had a few plastic surgeries. But anyway, she achieved great success, and she’s not going to stop.

Alexandra Markina @markina (over 905 thousand subscribers)

This chick’s account is rapidly gaining popularity and can soon compete with many popular blogs. Sasha’s Instagram page is pretty old, but t just began attracting fans’ attention. The girl’s beauty isn’t just nature’s gift – it’s a result of hard work.

Olesya Malinskaya @olesya_malinskaya (over 717 thousand subscribers)

Olesya has always been a positive and open girl, so she didn’t have to put much effort to achieve success. Right now she has more than 700 thousand devoted subscribers, and their number will keep growing.

Nita Kuzmina @nita_kuzmina (over 713 thousand subscribers)

Some accuse Nita of numerous plastic surgeries and excessive abuse of Photoshop, but no matter how negative some comments under her photos get sometimes, the fact remains – the girl is very popular.

Anastasia Kvitko @anastasiya_kvitko (over 655 thousand subscribers)

This Russian model stands out from other girls with her magnificent forms. As a child, Nastya had a lot of complexes because of her unusual appearance, but with age, she reconsidered her views.

Victoria Odintsova @viki_odintcova (over 661 thousand subscribers)

Victoria loves posting photos in underwear, and that’s why her fans on Instagram love her so much. She’s also known for numerous affairs with rich and influential men, but what’s so surprising about it? Such a woman can’t avoid men’s attention.

Yana Yatskovskaya @youryani (over 780 thousand subscribers)

And the last spot on our list goes to stunningly beautiful Yana Yatskovskaya. Yana is a well-known model that has gained popularity thanks to Instagram. She has a beauty blog where she shares secrets of her make-up, style, and gorgeous forms with her subscribers and talks about sports and nutrition.

Image courtesy of Jared Davidson

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