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Utah Cosplayer Zabracus


Utah Cosplayer Zabracus

My name is Whitney, but I go by Zabracus, pronounced ZAB-RUH-CUSS. Think AbraKadabra. I like to cosplay, go on adventures, play games (particularly Dungeons and Dragons), and play with my Welsh Corgi (dog) Smee. I hail from Salt Lake City, Utah aka the geekiest state in the USA! I’m a paralegal by day and a cosplayer and business woman by night! I love popcorn, wine, beer, and taking long walks through the mountains.

What do you enjoy most about cosplay?

I love the creative release it provides. You can recreate your favorite character, bringing it to life, or you can create your own version of a character. It’s a way to just let go of yourself and create for hours on end. It’s almost therapeutic if you take out all the stress from procrastination and burns from hot glue guns.

How long does it take you to create a costume from scratch?

It really depends on the costume. There are some costumes that I can bust out in about 5 hours-time like my (S)He-Man, or costumes that take months to build like my Saiyan Armor Vegeta. So, it really just depends on how labor intensive the cosplay is.

Are there any characters which you will love to cosplay in the near future?

All of them. But for my sanity and yours, I’ll go with Sauron from Lord of The Rings and a Witch Doctor from Diablo III. Yes, I do in fact mean Sauron, the dark lord in full armor. And as I’ve been playing the Witch Doctor, I’ve fallen in love with the look and style of the character. Both of these characters will be challenging to make (I love a good challenge) and they’ll be an insane amount of fun to portray.

Which fictional character do you wish was real?

All of them. Okay. Maybe not all of them because I don’t want Voldemort or Ramsey Bolton running around together. But, hrm, I think real life Pippin for a drinking buddy could be fun. And I want my own dragon from Game of Thrones. And a direwolf. O0o and a Hippogriff from Harry Potter! I think I might like animals more than people… haha but my final answer will be Vegeta from Dragonball Z because he’s an adorable asshole. He means well.

If you could have a superpower, what will it be?

Telekinesis. Ever since I watched Teen Titans growing up, I was obsessed with Raven and her powers. I thought they were so cool and have wanted to be able to move things with my mind ever since. I may or may not try every now and then. I have yet to be successful, but hey, maybe some weird radioactive thing will happen someday and my dream will come true.

What item at home can you use as a weapon if there is a zombie apocalypse?

I think about this all the time. I even have a zombie escape plan/route for my house. Seriously though, I constantly look around me in various places and think, “if the zombie apocalypse started right here right now, what could I use as a weapon?” Anyway, if I’m at my house, I have actual weapons: a .22 rifle, a compound bow with sharp arrows (I used to hunt), a wooden baseball bat (channeling my inner Negan), and a plethora of knives (I used to work for Cutco so they’re extra sharp!). But if I had to choose a regular boring item I would choose a shovel or something. But in the zombie apocalypse everything becomes a weapon!!

Have you ever had a bad cosplay experience? 

Depends on what you mean by bad. I’ve never really been bullied much for my costumes and I haven’t had any wardrobe malfunctions. Probably the worst experience I’ve had with cosplay is my own fault. I procrastinate and have spent too many nights right before a con finishing up a costume. Those are never good experiences.

It is a pleasure to feature you, Zabracus. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy is confidence. Confidence in yourself to be whoever and whatever you are. Being comfortable in your own skin. You don’t have to wear tons of skin or tons of clothes to be sexy – just be you, and your sexiness will shine through.

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