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Entrepreneur, Pinup Model & Stylist Rosie Cheeks


Entrepreneur, Pinup Model & Stylist Rosie Cheeks

Hi Rosie it is a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hi there! I am a 25 year old woman from West Texas. I first started Pinup modeling in 2010 but it wasn’t until this past summer that I took the big leap to begin really branding myself as a model and stylist.

What is your proudest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement professionally?! Man, I feel like so many wonderful things have happened since launching Rosie Cheeks that it’s difficult to narrow it down to a single achievement; having my photography published in a Pinup publication for the first time would have to be up there in my top five greatest achievements!

You have had an amazing career and lots of wonderful life experiences in your journey so far. How do you motivate yourself to keep exploring and touching other peoples’ lives?

In order to keep motivated I surround myself with positive influences and people I look up to professionally. I remind myself daily of my goals and why I am doing this; to make women feel beautiful and to make a difference in my community.

How is a typical day like for yourself?

I start the day with coffee and getting my daughter ready for school, then answering messages or emails, and then depending on upcoming events I usually have a pretty hefty list of projects and such to tackle. I recently launched the cover of my little hometown Pinup Publication so I have been busy with pages and editing for our January release date.

Can you tell us more about the definition of “pinup” and clarify any misconceptions you typically hear about the word?

The term “Pinup” comes from the gals shown in posters from the Mid Century, these posters were pinned up on walls and lockers etc, knowing that, Pinup to me is any woman you see as strong, courageous, beautiful, smart, fashionable, creative. She is someone anyone can look up to.

If you could describe yourself as a flavor, what will it be?

I’d like to think of myself as pineapple flavored; tangy but mostly sweet!

Is there something about the opposite sex that you just don’t get?

What’s the big deal with reading a map or asking for directions?!

What in life can you not get enough of? 

Sunshine, fresh air and success.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Rosie. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexiness to me can be something as simple as the way one walks into a room or commands the attention of those around her. Sexiness is confidence in how you carry yourself. Not necessarily being scantily clad, Sexy is a state of mind.

Follow the beautiful Rosie Cheeks on:

Instagram: @MissRosieCheeksTx
Facebook: @RealRosieCheeks, @AbilenePinupDolls

Images courtesy of Miss Bettie James of Rosie Cheeks

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