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Fetish Play Favorites & Tips


Fetish Play Favorites & Tips

Kink is a person’s true expression of lust, desire and pleasure. It’s not just whips and chains, feet or panties. It could be anything that is normally not viewed with a sexual intent but is used for a sensual release. No matter how “vanilla” someone claims to be, everyone is a little bit kinky.

My Initial Interest In Fetish

Well honestly, I think it started at an extremely young age. For as long as I can remember, I have always played with my belly button. Now as odd as that may sound it was always something that calmed me down and gave me an odd sense of satisfaction. As I got older and I was experimenting with a partner, he would always tease me that I am playing with my belly button. So one day he decided he was going to lick it. And I liked it. It got me so worked up,  so hot and heavy breathing that it gave him motivation that he really just got into it. Licking, sucking, then he bit the little knot in the back… it was just this release of pleasure I could not even explain. I never imagined that I could have a release so intense without even having anything stimulating my genitals.

While exploring with partners, I found a few other things that had been deeply ingrained from a young age. From when I was born until (embarrassingly) I was ten, I was a thumb/pacifier sucker. This became an oral fixation. In school I was teased a lot for it so I tried switching from candies and gum, then as a teen smoking or pencil chewing. This evolved into a gag fetish. I love open bits and drooling or panties or even deep throating.

I’ve been evolving with every partner being mindfully open to trying all sorts of new things in hopes that I’ll find another kink to add on.

Personal Fetish Favorites

So to give a little background, I was diagnosed with Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (P.S.A.S.). The best description I can give with a short explanation of what it’s like to have P.S.A.S. is like this: Imagine you are always wet. No matter if you are aroused or not. You are easily turned on by things that are not normally turn ons (for example: I can’t use a mechanical tooth brush to brush my teeth because it can make me cum. I can’t have my phone vibrate when I touch keys on my cell phone it will get me fired up.) But at the same time if you don’t get yourself off in a timely manner from being aroused, it becomes painful. I imagine that for a male it would be like getting a boner from loading the washer at a laundromat, not being able to rub one out and getting blue balls. This also comes with a long list of side effects like “orgasm tolerances”. I can build up a tolerance by using a toy too much/frequently or having chore like sex (you know the “married couple routine” . That’s the same three positions every time). It also comes with restless legs syndrome and insomnia (bright side: more time to masturbate). But an awesome “super power” I get from this is I am extremely sensitive with any sense for stimulation. This has been a curse and a gift, but it’s helped me evolve.

As I am evolving I am learning that there are a lot of reoccurring kinks that I  tend to steer towards. Besides the belly button fetish and oral fixation I also enjoy hardcore bondage/BDSM, role playing, sensory deprivation and food play. I have minor interests in foot fetish and dacryphellia.

But as I open my mind I am learning that fetish is not only in the bedroom and meant for an orgasmic release, it is also mental stimulation for a sensual release. Whether that is confidence, self-esteem, happiness, passion, lust or sometimes even an emotional release like laughing or crying or even anger.

I find that I am extremely attracted to teeth. This is where I go off the deep end and get freaky, I have gone as far as to ask other people for their teeth (my favorite are wisdom teeth with roots so I can make earnings to wear). This fetish makes me feel empowered and extremely sexually dominant.

I also enjoy exhibition. I film porn as a hobby and strip because it makes me feel like I’m in a power play. It always gives me an adrenaline rush, it makes me shy, lust full and passionate.

I also enjoy the taboos of some of these fetishes like incest role play. Again it’s a mental release.

Fetish Play is in several forms. Closed minds only limit it to one.

Challenging Fetishes

I get trapped in subspace during BDSM play. This is where I have mentally escaped my environment and surroundings and all I am focused on is the physical endorphin release that is occurring. I’ve been told several times that during this state I am extremely adorable because I am just so cum drunk.

Tips For Beginners

I suggest sensory play to start with. Touching (tickling, scratching, pinching) blind folds, temperature changes, tastes (food), sounds (soft purrs in the ears or whispered dirty talk). This is when I started and kind of branched off as I experienced things that I liked.

Stephie Staar – Hey there! I am Stephie Staar. I participate in adult films, model and I am a true oddity. I enjoy new experiences and new challenges. You can book me at or by sending me an email.

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Stephie Staar

Hey there! I am Stephie Staar. I participate in adult films, model and I am a true oddity. I enjoy new experiences and new challenges. You can book me at or by sending me an email.


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