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How To Give Amazing FootJobs


How To Give Amazing FootJobs

My personal views on FootJobs are 100% open and positive of course. FootJobs, like blowjobs, and handjobs are a fun for me and well pleasurable for the man. FootJobs are my favorite  sexual activity, second only to sex! And over the years I’ve had a lot of practice both on and off camera, especially at “FootJob-Friday!” parties. See more of it at


How My Interest In Footjobs Began

One day I was just playing around with a XXX movie director during a production break on a porn set and next thing you know I’m on the bed (still wearing my polo shirt and jeans as I was just working as a photographer for this specific project), he takes off my sneakers and pulls of my socks and begins kissing, licking my feet and sucking on my toes!

He turns on a few cameras that were already positioned for the other porn scene that was already planned; one thing led to another and my feet and toes ended up on his lap and I began touching and playing around with his cock. Soon after I realize that I’m using my feet to stroke his cock and he cums all over my size 6 feet. I then get into porno-mode and lick his cum right off my own feet and toes while the cameras are recording everything.


Afterwards we cleaned up, and started working on the production we had both been there to work; but we managed to have dinner afterwards at a restaurant in coastal Orange County, CA and we talked and I told him that he took my “Footjob-Virginity!” and with that his eye’s lit up and he said, “FootJob Virgins, I like that! …How would you like to be my business partner?

I was a bit surprised and well wasn’t sure if he was serious, but nonetheless I answered “Yes.” Long story short, we edited and released the footage of the FootJob we did and it was officially our very first movie we produced as business partners and it was “FootJob Virgins!” featuring: Renée Adams (me) co-starring my business partner Russell Peter who also directed the scene. We have been in business together for 18+ years and we produce XXX porn / kink-fetish movies including the “FootJob Virgins” film series which has done very well over the years to the point that others have tried to copy it, right down to the name, but the entire community knows the “FootJob Virgins” movie series is my baby. See it at:


What Goes Through My Mind While Giving A Footjob

It depends on the guy, the situation, etc. Overall I enjoy using my feet to make a man cum so achieving the finalé is what I have to concentrate on by keeping the perfect grip with my feet / toes and maintaining a steady rhythm so that he is truly enjoying my pretty little feet. The goal is for him to climax and SPLASH his cum all over my feet and for me, that takes concentration and dedication (and strong leg and abdominal muscles).

It took me years to master my technique so I would advise ladies who are new to FootJobs to practice often and work out your muscles. If you don’t want to dedicate yourself to this cause, simply send your guy my way, I’ll take care of his FootJob needs!! – that is if he hasn’t already discovered my talents south of my ankles…haha.


Getting Turned On Myself

It depends on the guy I’m with, many times I use FootJobs as foreplay and then proceed to have sex or do other things. Sometimes (especially after I climax), I’ll let him relax and I’ll finish the man off with my feet. So yes, using my feet is a HUGE turn-on!

Preferred Penis Sizes

I have small size 6 feet, so the THE BIGGER the BETTER! A larger, girthier penis is easier to grip / control than a smaller, less girthy one. I do hate needle dicks and when I encounter one, I just get up and leave with disappointment.


Favorite Moves To Give Mind-blowing Footjobs

Find the best grip, maintain a steady rhythm, and use coconut oil, that’s the best all natural lube for FootJobs. Also, ever guy is different and likes his FootJobs a certain way. Figure out how he likes them and you’ll be pumping out lots of cum out of that cock.

Making Footjobs Kinkier

I prefer guys with big, girthy cocks and a lot of creativity! A couple of years ago, my long time business partner and I started organizing / hosting FootJob parties by booking XXX porn / kink-fetish stars to work our parties. As a result of this endeavour, we’ve realized that each person is different and enjoys their FootJobs in many different ways.

Some guys like it slow and sensual, others like their FootJobs hard and fast, some like coconut oil, some like lube, others like it dry. Everbody is different and I’m ok with that because for every new client, or movie co-star I do FootJobs with; I learn to modify my proven techniques to suit their needs for the best possible outcum!


Renee Adams – I’m a FREE AGENT Porn Star known for my silky-soft, award winning size 6 Feet! I’m an Actress | Director | Producer | Distributor of #XXX#Porn #Fetish Movies & Websites | co-Founder of  & I’m also last season’s Miss FootNight-2015 at | Contact me directly for business, bookings, bdsm / kink-fetish private sessions at:

Follow me on Twitter @ReneeAdamsXXX, Instagram @ReneeAdamsXXX, FootJobVirgins on Twitter @FootJobVirgins, Instagram @FootJobVirgins and @TicklersRevenge @TheCBTParty @FootJobFridays @FootNight @FNIpromotions @KlubThirty3 –all on Twitter and Instagram

I’m also on FetLife under “ReneeAdams” including the live event business I co-own “KlubThirty3”


I also appear live and in person at FootNight International FootFetish parties. And before you ask the answer is NO! You can’t get FootJobs at FootNight events, it’s NOT that kind of party! – Footnights are 100% strictly foot-worship parties held in public venues throughout the world and in order for those events to be legally compliant, no sexual activities are allowed, including FootJobs. – I am last season’s Miss FootNight 2015 (my very good friend Snow Mercy is the current Miss FootNight-2016) and as a result of this and other past awards I can honestly say that I have “award winning feet!” –This makes my feet just as famous as Ellen Sirot’s feet (She is regarded as the world’s top foot model in mainstream advertising). Of course the “FootJobs” (gigs) I land are indeed a bit naughtier than those Ms. Sirot is used to working…lol

I’m also confirmed to work the next “FootJobFriday!” party in the OC at Klub Thirty3 on Friday September 30 from 9pm to 2am –get party-passes at: or

I will also be working FootNight-Ventura’s “OkToeberfest” themed foot-fetish party on Sat. OkToeber 15, 2016 from 8pm to 1am –get tickets at:

I also work all of the Ticklers Revenge kink-fetish parties with emphasis on tickling at:

I also regularly appear at Klub Thirty3 lifestyle events such as the CBT and Whack Off Wednesday parties. Check out all of the upcoming events at:

Images courtesy of Renee Adams
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Renee Adams

I’m a FREE AGENT Porn Star known for my silky-soft, award winning size 6 Feet! I’m an Actress | Director | Producer | Distributor of #XXX #Porn #Fetish Movies & Websites | co-Founder of & I’m also last season’s Miss FootNight-2015 at | Contact me directly for business, bookings, bdsm / kink-fetish private sessions at:


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