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What She Thinks About Your Penis

Sex Ed

What She Thinks About Your Penis

My thoughts on sex, have always been one of interest and open mindness. I don’t just love sex, but I NEED sex just like any human being or animal on earth. Sex is a bond you can create with someone where it is pure bliss, comfortable atmosphere, and an instinct to reproduce. This is not something that is supposed to be evil, or should ever be frowned upon a society like we have in america.  I consider sex necessary for human emotional development when you are ready and learning how to care for someone.  Sex is a beautiful thing and I want to spread it around!

What Attracts Me

That he respects my time, and can hold his own in a conversation. I love a witty person, more than looks. Honestly, I will always choose personality over good looks. Why? Someone with a heart warming personality will have me thinking about them forever and will always look better in my eyes than physical attributes.  Besides, I don’t agree with societies’ attraction schemes. I go off my own instincts and want to feel safe around the man I am with, and emotional safety factors into that as well.

Does Size Matter?

For my tastes, no, it has no say in my head when it comes to that. Personality is everything and when you have that, you have the best dick in the world.

Ideal Size?

For my preference, if I HAD to pick, I like an average size because I do not want to feel like I have something in my stomach, and I like a little width.

Tips To Enjoy A Dick

You can always make sex enjoyable and fun when the dick is not ideal! I love sensual touches, a man with a good mouth or someone that can take direction, and I always have my lovely mouth as well when something isn’t working out.

Keiki – A Hawaiian enticement any man should add to his fantasies. Visit her website and follower her on Twitter @keiki_GFE

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A Hawaiian enticement any man should add to his fantasies.


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