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Things She Wants During Sex

Sex Ed

Things She Wants During Sex

Sex is something that is often thought of as taboo. Many times we are made to feel embarrassed of our sexuality, our sexual preferences, our sexual partners, our bodies, and our sexual desires. And while sex is indeed a thing of intimacy, it’s also a very natural human desire. Having said all of that, I think sex and sexual desires should be embraced and enjoyed.

Be Experimental

My comfort level in terms of experimenting with new things sexually, is directly related to the level of comfort I have with my partner. I definitely consider myself to be an open minded person, but the moment needs to feel right for me as well. I prefer new experiences be enjoyable and spontaneous, not pressured or forced.


Get Naughty

Lol! Several years ago, I was dating a hot Cuban guy. To make a long story short, we were feeling frisky after a day of shopping, and ended up in the back seat of his sports car. It actually turned out to be an eventful night, as the cops showed up, asked us for ID’s, and he ultimately ended up driving off and dodging the cops. Lol..the good old days.

Turn Her On, Not Off

Hands down, the number one thing that turns me on, is my partner’s attraction to me. The more desired I feel that I am, the more aroused I become. As for satisfaction, I enjoy foreplay, dirty talk, and a little role play every now and then.

A major turn off for me is if my partner doesn’t interact during sex, or expects me to do “all the work.”  I understand that not all people are loud and vocal during sex, which is fine, but I believe that since sex requires two people, both parties should engage. Some level of interaction from my partner (so I know he’s enjoying himself) makes things more fun for me. In terms of finding a remedy for this issue, I think understanding that what gets me going may not necessarily get his motor going is a good place to start. But at the end of the day, if you’re not sexually compatible with someone, you’re just not.


Sex Positions She Loves

Quite frankly, I love doggy and cowgirl, and I cannot decide between the two. My reason for enjoying these positions so much is mainly because both of those positions allow my lover to hit my G-spot. But the other reason I enjoy them is because I can stare my lover in the eyes during cowgirl and see his excitement, and doggy…well, I have a voluptuous derriere, and of course I love to see how having it perked up in the air gets him going lol.

Jada Jacobbs – International model, and premier travel companion for the discerning, refined, and adventurous gentleman. Follow and contact her on Twitter (@jada_jacobbs) and Instagram (@jadajacobbs)

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Jada Jacobbs

International model, and premier travel companion for the discerning, refined, and adventurous gentleman.


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