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DJ & Music Producer Darling Sabrina


DJ & Music Producer Darling Sabrina

Hi Darling Sabrina, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hi SimplySxy, it’s definitely my honor to be featured here, thanks.

I’m Darling Sabrina, a Professional DJ since 2009, a Music Producer, a Drummer, also a Dreamer of course.


How did you get into DJing?

To be honest, I had never thought of becoming a DJ, I just simply love MUSIC, since I was 5. Mom told me that I used to run around the house singing and dancing, especially when there were some guests visiting us, I wasn’t shy at all. I have always wanted to become a singer and a song writer, I picked up several instruments at school and I can still play them pretty well. Well, for some personal reasons, I didn’t make it to continue my studies to be a song writer, neither a singer. I started working in a law firm after I came back from Singapore, I was very young and I did not know where to go, I was kinda lost.


One day, I was randomly drinking with a friend at the bar, he told me that he was a freelance DJ and he showed me how fun it was to become a DJ. I tried to find out more about DJing, turned out it’s really fun! Initially, I started playing for fun, and I eventually made it as my full-time job SOMEHOW. In 2010, I decided to leave my hometown – Ipoh to the big city – Kuala Lumpur for a proper DJ course and for a bigger chance to expand my career as a DJ. I started all over again by learning with turntables at Royale DJ Academy.


Do you feel that the crowd is able to appreciate the difficulties of DJing if they don’t know what is happening behind the decks, or are they just there to enjoy the music?

Well, it depends. Some think that we DJs are just pressing buttons and it seems like a super easy job for them, haha. Some will appreciate everything I do behind the decks, they will love every track I play or they are just very educated in music.


What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Oh, there are a lot. Hmmmmm, if I have to pick one, it will be – Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Solarstone Pure Mix). I even cry sometimes when I listen to it, it’s so beautiful.


How do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?

I will ALWAYS give the crowd what they want, but never forget to play what I love and what I want to show them too. For example, if I am going to play 60 tracks for a show, I will probably play 30 tracks of what everyone may like and another 30 tracks that most of them might not know or might not have heard before. It’s kinda like a music education, of course I will also have to play by ear, it has to be flexible and go along with their reaction. Besides, Interaction plays a crucial role too. My job is to make sure everyone is happy at the end of the night and it’s fair enough!


Does being a DJ make it easier to model as you are already used to the spotlight?

Nothing is easier or harder. I take pride in whatever I do, I do whatever I love, and I love making my passion my profession, my career. I am a typical Sagi, it’s always like this, either I do my best or I won’t even start. I believe if I was not a DJ today, I’ll still steal the spotlight with whatever I do.


What is the longest you have gone without any sleep?

You mean the longest trip or performance? If it’s performance, my record is to spin a 6-hour set NONSTOP. If it’s referred to a trip, I think the most insane one is my first DJ Tour to China. My Emcee and I travelled 5 different cities in 5 days, 3 epic shows and we only had 8 hours (or maybe lesser) of sleep in total of 5 days! But it ended very well and we definitely put on our best show.


Describe the perfect party to you.

I would love to organize my own PRIVATE rave, probably something like A State of Trance? From sunrise to sunset, playing the music genre that I love the most – Trance, for all the people I love, including my family and friends. It might be on my wedding day, so wait for it!


It’s a pleasure to feature you Darling Sabrina. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy is an ATTITUDE, it’s all about how you present yourself. For example, I can be sexy with my pyjamas on, even the way I flip my hair can be sexy too, I don’t have to wear a bikini or undress myself for anyone to define how sexy I am. Sexy is also when a person is being SMART, INDEPENDENT, ADVENTUROUS,


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