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Get Mind-blowing Orgasms With The G-Spot Lollipop


Get Mind-blowing Orgasms With The G-Spot Lollipop

Hi Dennis, thanks for talking to us. We’ve heard and read the reviews about G-Spot Lollipop. What’s so special about it?

The G-spot Lollipop is a fun and unique toy designed to provide an intense, mind-blowing, gushing wet orgasm.  It has no moving parts and you never have to worry about the battery dying.  It is double ended with one side being larger/smaller than the other (so you really get two lollipops for the price of one).  It’s super easy to use and is great for both solo and couples play.  The length makes it comfortable to use on yourself, and the ball at the opposite end is easy to get a good grip on.  If you’re using this on your partner, do be careful not to thrust too hard.  This is not meant for thrusting, it is meant for putting pressure on the G-Spot.  Another advantage is the G-Spot Lollipop is perfect to use while doing your Kegel exercises.  It’s a great tool to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.  The smaller the Pop, the harder your muscles will work, so if you’re looking into getting this primarily for Kegel exercise, we recommend getting the smallest size.

It’s a really cool brand so how did you come up with the concept of lollipops?

The idea came from an experience I had when I was a teenager.  I was dating a freaky girl and she was into all kinds of play.  One day I decided to use a lollipop on her to stimulate her.   Besides, she wanted me to eat her out, and I wanted to make her pussy taste sweeter.  So I used a blow pop on her (no pun intended)!  She went crazy, and that experience stayed with me for years.  It was my first experience using something round as a toy and my first real understanding of how putting pressure on the g-spot could give so much pleasure to a woman.  This was the genesis of the idea for the G-Spot Lollipop.


Was it tough setting up a new adult lifestyle brand? What were some of the challenges you faced?

I quickly realized, that my product is more that an adult sex toy; it is, more accurately, a “sexual wellness” product.  Getting our brand out there was very challenging.  More than any other business or industry, the adult sex toy business is an extremely competitive business and requires smart choices, dedication and the passion to make your brand stand out.  It also requires a lot of work… a lot of work!  We spent endless hours going to industry shows, talking to other owners of sex toys, getting our product in front of reviewers, developing and then re-developing our web and social media presence.  But it has all been worth it!

Do you think your product stands out amongst the thousands of toys in the market?

First, the Pops are a unique shape (compared to other toys on the market) and are designed to find the g-spot of any woman, even the hardest or smallest of  g-spots.  Think of it as a homing device for g-spots.  Unlike other toys, the perfect globular shape fits in-between the Kegel muscles in the vagina well, so when a woman  orgasms the Kegels literally grip around the pop contracting and gripping spasmodically during the orgasm till it’s finished.  Our customers tell us they have never felt an orgasm as intense!

With VR coming into the picture, how do you see the market of adult toys changing?

So far, many of the latest VR sex-tech innovations feel gimmicky.  Frankly, VR could all just be the latest fad.  The porn industry is at the frontline and they are the most likely to take virtual reality to the mainstream consumer market. Pornography and adult entertainment will be a key driving force for any new technologies to be acceptable and adopted by early adopters, which likely, are mostly males.  There is no need to argue that males tend to be more willing and eager to try out new technology, and most males watch porn.  But our product is geared to women and couples.  Perhaps as the VR technology gets better, and attracts women, perhaps there will be a set of VR goggles that has a virtual environment that women could use as they pleasure their G-Spot with our toy?  Who knows what the future will bring?!

What’s your most embarrassing moment when having “fun” with toys?

When my son was young, around 12 years old, he went to my closet to get something for me.  As he rummaged through the closet, he came upon his mom’s dildo.  For some reason, she decided to hide it on my side of the closet!  When he came out of the bedroom, he asked whose it was.  My wife immediately pointed at me and said “it’s not mine!”  For the next 10 minutes my son ran around the house with it in his hands yelling “dad is gay… dad is gay… dad is gay!”

Who would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with?

Jennifer Lawrence… she does “it” for me!


It’s been a pleasure Dennis. One more question before we end off, how do you define “sexy”

For me, sexy is a woman who is smart, speaks her mind and does so tactfully. Sexy to me is a woman who is in shape, doesn’t smoke, has a great smile, and, for me, a nice plump booty!

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Images courtesy of Dennis Diaz

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