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Outdoor Sex Is The Ultimate Sex To Have

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Outdoor Sex Is The Ultimate Sex To Have

You know how everybody claims that sex should be kept behind walls in order to live a healthy, long-lasting relationship? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong! Our first sexual experience was a threesome with a friend of us, I believe that’s when we realized we were meant for each other.

Sometimes you just feel stuck in the moral thoughts that you have to find a nice boy/girl, settle down and keep sex behind doors for neighbours not to judge you. Well, we are here to show the neighbours how we fuck and to invite them over, too.

The purpose of the human race on earth is not certain, and yet it seems obvious that sex is meant for us to reproduce. Still we choose to jerk off since the very first day we are conscious of our private parts because it gives us pleasure, as well as we also eat chocolates and sweets instead of just the food our body needs, and what’s better than having a big sweet melting ice-cream in the beach for everyone to see?

We invite you to meet MySweetApple, we won’t hide to eat our candy.


The First Time Outdoors

Our first outdoors experience was the classic road trip quickie, only that it ended inside a thermal pool with a guy staring at us from not that far away. Before we could finish he came closer to talk to us, to tell us that he had seen us. I mean, I was still topless so we laughed our heads off. From that day on we realized we loved being looked at while fucking, even just the mere possibility of somebody peeking through a window gets our libido to the skies.

This experience led us into lots of swinger clubs and finally into Chaturbate, where not only do we get aroused by the thousands of people watching us on cam but also, we discovered new fetishes we now love sharing with the public.

Why We Love Outdoor Sex

It’s a mixture of freedom, of animal instinct, of the sun caressing you in the best possible moment. You see dogs fucking on streets without any moral question, but we cannot because we invented a system that does not allow us to do the same. Still everyone you talk to has the same fantasy of “sex on the beach, on the woods, etc.” and public sex is one of the categories most watched online, so it seems that we love it but we don’t allow it.

That’s the reason we love fucking outdoors, feeling the nature, the reality, it’s just knowing that it’s morally wrong but also that there are other people stroking their cocks and pussies by the sight of us. It’s thinking that life could be a huge orgy where we all surrender to desire and stop judging each other, but at the same time knowing that it won’t happen because we all want to be respected professionals. It’s all about the right and wrong, the reality and the fiction, as if we lived in a parallel world when we take our sex to the streets.


Most Memorable Outdoor Sex Experience

Our favourite experience was the day we were going back home from Catania (Sicily) and we found a highway under construction, and as we happened to have our rollerblades in the trunk of the car so, why not have some fun? It was Paolo’s first time roller skating and it had started raining so we went inside a tunnel to keep having fun there.

I was wearing a tiny red skirt and teasing him, making turns and showing him my ass, so things got heat up and I gave him a blowjob until he came in my mouth, it was awesome. The bad part is that a couple of minutes later we were approached by a patrol car and got fined, these policemen were furious, but it was absolutely worthy, especially because now we have an awesome video! (


Favourite Outdoor Locations To Have Sex

There is no such thing as a favourite place because what we love about outdoors sex is that we never know when or where it’s going to happen. Our fetish consists of being spontaneous and letting the places find us. What we really love is being in contact with nature, we love the blazing sun in a beach that makes us sweat over each other and we love the pouring rain of a dark storm in the middle of the route filling our lungs with the sweet smell of the earth. The best part is exposing all our senses to pleasure while there’s always a slight sense of fear popping in your mind and body.

The most amazing part of outdoors sex is when you start finding the best places for you and your partner, you start getting to know each other better, and yourself, too; whether you like the heat or the cold, the beach or the forest, your friend’s backyard or the fitting room of a shopping. Just make a first panoramic view to feel comfortable with the place, its surroundings and the people passing by and just lose yourself to sex. Think that people don’t actually expect you to be fucking in public, so even if they see you, act cool, they will probably just turn around and leave (yes, from personal experience).


Tips To Have Sex Outdoors

Start little by little, a blowjob in a car is the typical fantasy of every guy, but don’t forget about your fantasies, don’t be shy, ask him to lick your pussy while you drive, too.

Also, recording the moment is a good resource because it will let you watch yourself afterwards and remember it forever, it´s a good tool to push you to new outdoors adventures, because having your own porn in your computer is the best material for masturbation. You will stop searching for your fantasies in porn websites and start masturbating to your own intimacy and that will bring you two closer and kinkier than ever.

Try to start in places where nobody you know can find you. The fear of any member of your family seeing you is not so hot. I always try to wear comfortable clothes in case the moment comes up, of course in summer it’s a lot easier, but in winter you might as well replace those pantyhose for a nice pair of stockings that will leave you free to fuck without the need to pull down your pants. Forget about prejudice and free your mind, but don’t forget to always keep an eye on the surroundings, just in case.

And last but not least, don’t forget to always carry wet towels wherever you go, you never know when you’ll find an awesome spot and hygiene is fundamental for outdoor sex.

Hi! We are Kim and Paolo, we were born in Italy and raised in South America and now we spend our days traveling around the world. We have an open relationship and we are also swingers, so we love meeting people and sharing experiences, passion and hot sex with them. You can see us on Chaturbate broadcasting live or also get our videos on our website:

This year we have lots of travel plans (Croacia, Greece, Turkey and New Zealand) and we’d love to start including other people in our shows and videos. Also, since we love traveling so much, our big plan is to make a documentary of the nightlife of every country we visit, comparing cultures, living swinger and nude experiences, finding the best clubs and showing how to get the best of every city.

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Kim and Paolo

Hi! We are Kim and Paolo, we were born in Italy and raised in South America and now we spend our days traveling around the world. We have an open relationship and we are also swingers, so we love meeting people and sharing experiences, passion and hot sex with them. You can see us on Chaturbate broadcasting live or also get our videos on our website:


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