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2015 Miss Asia Award winner Janice Tan


2015 Miss Asia Award winner Janice Tan

I have lived for 17 years in Labuan, a small island in the east of Malaysia, moved to Kuala Lumpur to explore the horizons but study in Inti University in Nilai. I am a full time student who tries her best to cope with the dreams I am chasing outside the classroom world. Hahaha. I am 19 years old, and a mix blood of Filipino and Chinese. I am a realist, being sarcastic and very direct to the facts, but I am also a fan of fantasy day dreaming and scripting.


How did you get started into modelling?

I wouldn’t dare to call what I do modeling really as I aspire to be one that I idolize such as Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Kendall Jenner etc, those to me are models. But I started doing some car ambassador jobs when I was 14 (someone inbox me on facebook and that’s when I realized this whole other world of goddesses did exist!)


You’ve won several beauty pageants such as Miss Race Queen Malaysia and Miss Santabella. Which pageant is most memorable to you?

Neither of those. The ones I joined these year would be the most memorable ones, Miss KL Earth, Miss Malaysia earth and also Miss Asia Awards held in Shanghai (international). Miss KL earth is unforgettable for the friends I have made, true and not stereotypical. Miss Asia Awards was a shock for me as I never expected to win it, especially with all the strong international contenders.


What are the common misconceptions people have about models?

The misconceptions would be that models, or aspiring ones, are just a matter of decorations ready to be touched or dumb. I am not saying there aren’t those types. I’m just saying there are also those that still understand values of themselves and actually have a mind of their own. Taa – daa, 4.0GPA student right here. *bragging


And the best perks you enjoy about being a model are?

Oooohhhhhhhhhh the free stuffs from sponsorships. AHAHAHA I secretly laugh wickedly everytime I receive one.


Three fun facts about yourself not many people know of?

This is hard. Uhmmm, My biggest secret aspiration is to become a novelist (I love writing). I am obsessed with nail biting so I never really had my nails long at any point in my life, except for extensions, and I have the guilty pleasure of kissing my dog and looking into its eyes for hours. HAHA okay – I am WEIRD.


Do you have a preferred side when taking selfies?

My face is not symmetrical so ya. Right side when smiling, left side when doing the “Oh I’m gonna seduce you face”. Never full faced.

If you had the chance to collaborate with anyone, who will you choose?

Roy from this new Kpop band called 5tion (I want to have a shoot with him or whatever haha). I’m not really a kpop fan actually, more to the Hollywood Beckham and Robert Downey Junior but met Roy during the ShangHai pageant and got all girlcrush on him in secret. Ahhhh. Regretted not asking his number lol. Or if to take it down a notch, would love to meet and collaborate with a Malaysia youtube artiste, it looks fun.


What’s the sexiest item in your wardrobe?

A button up plain white boyfriend Tee. Trust me, it is sexier than it sounds.


Your favourite body part?

My naturally born curves :3


What’s the definition of sexy to you?

Intelligence, elegance, class and of course a touch of mysteriousness is the most seductive definition of sexy to me.

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