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Meet the beautiful Korean model Kelly Park from Toronto


Meet the beautiful Korean model Kelly Park from Toronto

Hi Kelly, it’s a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy. Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

My name is Kelly Park but sometimes I go by Kay Pii. I am 100% Korean nationality but born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I’m a dog lover, foodie, addicted to traveling, love Korean dramas, part sushi spot owner and a former banker. I dable in many different areas of work and left a 9 to 5 to live life to its full potential. I can be a bit silly at times and love to laugh!


Where did your passion and interest for modeling come from?

Modeling was not what I started with. My passion was to get into the film and television industry but was introduced to modeling through the agency. That was when I realized how creative you can be with your photos. I love having control and the ability to change the vibrations of the photos that are shot.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a foodie are you?

I love food and find it very important to enjoy every meal with great choices. I would have to say I am an 8 out of 10.


Where can we find you partying on weekends?

Although I do like to go party downtown sometimes, I hate driving downtown. So a lot of times I stick to my area in North York. My usual routine on a weekend would be round 1. Start with food and drinks at Nome Izakaya, then a few more at Hy lounge and then Studio lounge for karaoke and of course a few more drinks and then when things get to the YOLO level you will find me dancing the night away at club Oora. Lol

Are you more comfortable in lingerie or bikini?

I’m more comfortable in lingerie but people seem to be more comfortable when I’m in a bikini. 🙂


Which are your best physical features?

LOL I love to Smile because it’s contagious and sharing is caring.

What can a guy do to get your attention?

Make me laugh, make me wonder or show me his dorky side.


How will you describe a romantic date?

It could be anywhere and we can eat anything. I don’t think it matters as long as I’m with the person I want to be with. Romance is nice but being able to relax and chill out would probably be the best date.


Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions on SimplySxy, Kelly. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Knowing who you are and being confident in yourself. Anyone can be “sexy” if they want to be.

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