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Interview with Hongkong Youtuber Nami Ting


Interview with Hongkong Youtuber Nami Ting

How will you describe a typical day like for yourself?

Very busy. As I have to get a well balance (life) between my studies and jobs. There are lots of tests and tutorials meanwhile. Sometimes I feel quite stressful.


Your most memorable highlight or achievement so far?

I joined a champion from HK Fireman 2 years ago. We experienced the real job duties of a fireman. I got the Golden Hatchet from that program.

What’s your beauty regime like?

Just (being) hardworking. There is no ugly girl but (a) lazy girl. This is my beauty regime as always.


Funniest thing that has happened to you?

You know what, I just dropped my iPhone into the toilet when I was typing this interview. Well, I guess this would be the funniest thing (that) has happened to me lately.

Three things you can’t live without in your wardrobe?

T-shirt, jeans and one piece dress are my favourite. They are easy to mix and match, which (is) suitable for lazy people like me.

If you had the chance to join a reality TV show, which will it be?

I would like to join this type of competition. I enjoy the moment when I receive the achievement. I am aggressive since (I was) born! Haha.


What kind of fashion and styles are you into?

Boyish! This is no doubt.

Which is your favourite cartoon character?

Anpanman and James P. Sullivan (Momo) from Monsters Inc.

Where is your dream holiday destination?

Aegean! Haha, most of the (other) girls tend to go somewhere (else) with a sense of romance.


What’s your definition of sexy?

For me, sexy means “hold tight until the last moment”. No matter people may dislike me or look me down. If I can hold tight and stand for myself, this is so called sexy.

Follow the beautiful Nami on:
Instagram: @naminamiting

WeChat: tsangtszting
Youtube: Nami

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