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What can a guy do to catch the eye of model Jessica Lim?


What can a guy do to catch the eye of model Jessica Lim?

Who is Jessica Lim?

I’m a local (Singaporean) Chinese, and also a student, doing a degree in accounting and finance at SIM (Singapore Institute of Management). In my free time, I am a freelance talent/model part time.

What do you enjoy most about being a model and your most memorable modeling highlight or achievement so far?

Getting to participate in an event or going to an occasion I never had a chance to do so if I was not a model. Getting to know different types of people and cultures from around the world. I don’t really fancy beauty pageants but one of my happiest and greatest achievement was actually being a TNP New Paper New Face finalist for 2014.


What’s your beauty regime like to looking so fantastic?

Good toner and moisturizer before bed, and go for the occasional facials to keep my face glowing and healthy.

Craziest thing that you have ever done?

The craziest thing I did so far? I was a camp instructor back in my Poly days for secondary three students for a camp, at a remote and forested place at Malaysia, JB. And there’s a lot of challenges that I have to take there, like certain activities I had never done in my entire life and I have to do it and do it well to set a good example for the students.

Three things you can’t leave home without daily?

My phone, my wallet( with my card in it) and my lipstick.


If you could choose to have a superpower , which will it be and why?

The ability to read a persons’ mind! So I can have a better understanding of someone’s true character faster!

How much of a foodie are you?

I do eat a lot! Though people are always complaining that I should eat more because I am way too skinny but that’s part of my genes. I also love cafe hopping with my girlfriends during my free time!


What’s your idea of a romantic date?

Romantic date? Probably dinner in an outdoor restaurant at the top of a building, with red wine and classical music, for the ambiance.

One thing a guy can do to catch your eye is?

Guys with a sense of humor. Mature, honest with a sense of responsibility.


What’s your definition of sexy?

Sexy? Is not about the outlook of someone but it’s defined by that person’s character!

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