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Malaysian emcee Melissa Th’ng is all Positive!


Malaysian emcee Melissa Th’ng is all Positive!

One of the secrets to healthy living and looking beautiful is having a positive mindset, and we believe that’s the secret to Melissa Th’ng’s gorgeousness. From being on Asia’s Next Top Model to event emcee, this babe from Malaysia is all about spreading joy and happiness to everyone around her.

Hi Melissa, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Please share with us a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Absolutely! Thanks for having me! I’m a small town girl, grew up in Ipoh! My friends say I’m always smiling and cheerful. I am allergic to negativity. I believe in spreading good vibes to anyone that talks to me. I get annoyed at people who disrespect the elders and are mean to animals. (Except cockroaches, you can kill them, they are monsters.) I’m not materialistic, but I do spend all my money on food. So everytime I get my paycheck, the first meal is Japanese food. My passion is talking on radio, TV and emceeing events.


What are the best perks about being a model?

I’m actually working as a radio host and event emcee. But to answer your question, from being on the show (Asia’s Next Top Model Season 1), being a model, you get to live the dream of many little girls! The fact that you’re paid to play dress up, like be a Barbie Doll for a living, that’s pretty fun! And seeing yourself on the cover of magazines or print ads, that’s always a thrill! One day, I can tell my grandkids “Your poh poh has been on Harper’s Bazaar Magazine”, and they’re going to be hearing about it over and over again hahaha!! (Poor kids)

Has there been an embarrassing or funny moment you’ve experienced or seen at one of your modeling events?

On ANTM, there was an episode that I couldn’t fit into my size 0 clothes. HAHAH!! I’m no size 0, I like food and if you watched the series, you’d know that I am literally the exception to the entire Top Model franchise – I’m the only one who isn’t as skinny or as tall. That fact was really amplified when I couldn’t fit my butt into the pants. What made it worst was that all this is aired on INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION! So people from all around the world were literally sending me mail, laughing with or at me about it haha!


What’s your secret to looking so gorgeous?

Oh my, thank you so much! My secret is my Instagram filter lah. Haha okay no, I was joking, but there is this saying that I really believe in, “Happy girls are the prettiest”. I’m surrounded by good friends, close family and wonderful fans. All these good vibes really make me happy and I guess I radiate that energy to everyone else. I also drink a lot of water and smile a lot 😀

If you were given one superpower, which will you choose and why?

Muahaha! Definitely the power to eat whatever I want and not get fat hahaha! I just love food so much, the amount times I get hungry, I’m surprised I can still fit through the door, really. Or if I could have two superpowers, maybe a more beauty pageant-y thought to supply clean water to every country.


Do you have any hobbies?

You know something? I’m so blessed, because my hobby is my job. I can’t even believe my luck, that I can actually call it a job. Somedays when I have to be on the radio morning show, I’m up at 5am, it’s still pitch dark. I catch myself smiling and humming while walking towards the studios. That’s how I know I honestly, genuinely love what I do. And many times, my Friday nights are spent prepping for my emcee gigs, and while that means that I can’t meetup with my friends, I honestly have no problem with that. I find myself happy to do emcee prep! Aside from that, in my spare time, I spend it with my friends and family. And my guilty pleasure is curling up with a cup of hot tea, watching comedy.

What is one clothing you love the most in your wardrobe?

One of my clothes sponsors, Club Couture gave me this faux leather jacket and I am OBSESSED! I wear it everywhere because I can match it with everything! If I’m feeling casual, I wear denim shorts and boots, but once I put on that jacket, it just completes my look! If I’m headed for a night out, I pair it with a short dress. Also because I’m quite low-maintenance, so I fall in love with versatile pieces hehe! Honestly, every girl should have a faux leather jacket in her wardrobe.

Photo Credit: Esquire Magazine

Photo Credit: Esquire Magazine

Which is your favorite body part?

Wow, there’s really no way to answer this question without coming across as vain haha! But I really do appreciate my hair! Remember, I’m a low-maintenance girl. My hair is super fuss free, I wake up, I don’t even comb my hair, I flip it over and it looks good to go. It’s really soft and fluffy, and everyday seems to be a good hair day to be honest. So I’m thankful I inherited my mom’s hair. If I got my dad’s hair on the other hand………. Bless. Hahaha!

It’s a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy, Melissa. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

The pleasure is mine! Sexy is how you carry yourself. This means that you can be in sweats and still look sexy. You could be wearing the most expensive dress, best hair and makeup, but if you’re not confident, it will show, and I can guarantee that you’re not gonna look or feel sexy. So stand up straight, shoulders back, smile and be comfortable with who you are! (That’s if you want to be sexy lah, if not, then go back to hunching. I’m not your mother, who am I to tell you to stand straight anyway, right? :D)

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