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Model Sharin Keong is a Head-turner


Model Sharin Keong is a Head-turner

Who is Sharin Keong?

Hey SimplySxy! Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed by you! I am Sharin from Singapore! Currently I am in the education industry teaching preschoolers. But I still do model at times but my focus now is with the education industry. Keeping myself fit with boxing trainings twice a week and a DotA 2 player!


How did you get into SupermodelMe Sirens and what was the experience like?

I was a fan of SupermodelMe season 3 and when I saw the casting call for season 5, I told myself ‘why not?’ So I signed up for it and was waiting for good news! And I got selected to be one of the contestants who will represent Singapore out of hundreds of applicants! At that point of time I was a preschool teacher, I had to quit my job for this show but guess what? It was all worth while.

Having to stay in a house with 11 other girls from different background, different personalities, was definitely a challenge at first. But I guess we all managed to blend into the environment pretty well. At least I know I did!

All the challenges were new to me! I have never riden on an ostrich before, climb walls, shoot using a rifle, water raft, and not forgetting the trampoline park! Thanks to SupermodelMe, I got to try all these!

Even for the photoshoots, the themes were so exciting! Like shooting with a Doberman, pretending to be a live mannequin, doing a fight scene! Those were themes that I have never done in Singapore and thank God I had the opportunity to experience all these in Supermodelme.


What will you say are the best perks about being a model?

I guess for me, it would be the amazing apparels that I get to model for. I dress very simple and casual for normal days. And never would I expect to see myself decked in exclusive designer apparels. Even if I don’t own it, at least I got to wear it once! HAHA.

Have there been any embarrassing moments that happened during a photo shoot?

I won’t say there were any embarrassing moments during a photoshoot but definitely I had a very embarrassing moment for a runway show!

It was a final walk for me as the New Paper New Face winner 2012. I was dressed in this gorgeous looking black tube dress, shouldered with this translucent cape. Everything was fine but when I started taking a few steps, I realized my dress was slipping off. Halfway through the runway, I faked a pose trying to pull up the dress, but when I started walking, the dress continued to slide.

At the end of the stage, my tube dress was already at my waist. I told myself, “F**k it, just finish the walk.” So when I reach the finish point, I was like “DAMN”. Why? As it was my final walk and it was to follow by a special entrance of the host, the show producers decided to insert a magic performance – Disappearing model, appearing host kinda thing. I had to raise up my hands and say TADA. Guess what? When I rose my hands, my boobs were flashed.

Once I got off the runway, I was like, “F***, f***, f***!!!” and next moment you know, friends texted me saying “WOW” “we saw it” kind of messages. Two hours later, a news reporter even called me to ask me about the wardrobe malfunction.



If you had the chance to time travel, past or future, where will it be?

I will still choose to remain in the moment. Seize the now.

Which is your favourite music artiste today?

Currently, I am always in the mood for some “Vigiland” beats.


What’s the funniest pickup line or attempt to pick you up a guy has tried on you?

Do you go to the gym? Because babe, I see you and I working out together.

Are you more comfortable in lingerie or bikini?

Aren’t they almost the same thing? Just different material and different purposes, no? When they are on me, they cover just the same body parts isn’t it?


Your favourite body part?

My cheekbones.


What’s your definition of “sexy”?

Seductive yet grounded.

Edgy and attitude.


Ywaoooooo, hot.

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Instagram: @sharinazalia

Images courtesy of Sharin Keong and Refinery Media

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