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Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle blogger Patricia Prieto


Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle blogger Patricia Prieto

Learn more about Patricia Prieto as she talks to SimplySxy about timeless fashion trends, favourite food and the best perks about being a blogger!

Hi Patricia, it’s a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy. Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hello! Thanks for having me. Well, long story short, I am a 25-year-old fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger from Manila, Philippines.


What perks do you enjoy most being a blogger?

I think the perks of blogging would have to be meeting new & interesting people, getting to wear such awesome clothes all the time, traveling as well as working with awesome people & brands.

Which are some timeless fashion trends you can recommend that will not go out of style?

Dressing in basics will never ever go out of style. So keep those plain v-necks, skinny jeans and blazers in your closets!


The 3 things you can’t live without in your wardrobe?

I know I cannot live without my favorite pair of denim shorts, a loose tank top and a pair of sneakers. I would definitely wear these everyday if I could!


How long do you take to get ready each day before heading out?

Contrary to popular belief, many bloggers don’t take centuries to get dressed! I for one am not very meticulous when it comes to prepping, from my makeup to styling my outfit, I like keeping my prep time below 30 minutes as much as possible.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I don’t know if I’m the type of person who does crazy things, cause I’d like to think that I fall under the good girl category. But if you count braving the Governors Ball music festival in a typhoon level storm without a raincoat and only beers to keep me warm as something crazy then there you go!


What are your favorite types of food?

Foooood! I love food so trying new dishes but my top five favorite types of food would have to be Indian, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Korean. Wow, answering this made me hungry all of a sudden.

If you had the opportunity to do or learn anything in this world, what will it be?

I’d love to learn how to dance ballet all over again. I did so when I was younger but stopped because I studied gymnastics instead.


Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions on SimplySxy, Patricia. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Being sexy is being confident without trying hard.

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