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Sexy Reads – Punished by the House Guests

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Punished by the House Guests

My husband Dan and I have one of those relationships where he rules the roost, and I obey him or suffer the consequences. I know, it wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for us. When I make too many snide remarks about Alison, the bitch house guest from hell, Dan not only disciplines me for being a poor hostess, but, to my horror, he also allows our two guests to watch and join in my humiliating punishment. But it turns out, he knows me better than I know myself, because it seems, humiliation is exactly what I crave…



I thought I was quite good at concealing my irritation so it did no more than bubble to the surface every now and again in a mild way, and then something bad just slipped out of my mouth.

I couldn’t help it.

We had an open-plan house, so I could see Alison on the couch from the kitchen where I was frantically getting a meal together by myself as usual, and she decided she was having trouble unscrewing the top off her nail polish bottle, so she asked Dan for help.

I couldn’t help repeating under my breath in that simpering way she had “Dan, could you help me with this please,” and I added to the effect by waggling my tits as she had on the sofa and adding “because I want to show you all I’ve got.”

Of course, they both chose that very moment to look my way, and Alison gave a little shriek of protest, while Dan just said “Bedroom, now!” and I didn’t think I could do anything else but go there and wait.

“That was unspeakably rude,” he said. “I can’t let that pass. You’ve been less than welcoming to Alison and Tom the past few days, but that was too much.”

He pulled me over his lap, lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties to my knees. And then he walloped me hard six times. I knew Alison would be able to hear those smacks, and presumably he knew it too, but he was so annoyed he didn’t care.

And it was all the more humiliating to know she would be aware of exactly what was happening to me. That spanking hurt just as much as it ever did, but the surprising thing was that, despite the shame of it, I felt excited by feeling Dan’s hand on my bottom more than ever before, knowing that bitch could hear everything.

“Now pull your panties down and take them off. You can stay like that all evening. Go out there and apologize to Alison.”

I humphed a bit about having to apologize, but I went out there anyway.

Alison was as ungracious as I expected her to be, when I said “I’m sorry, for being rude, Alison. Tough day at work, you know.”

She just smirked at me and looked pointedly at my behind, letting me know she knew I’d been disciplined like a child. I could feel a blush creeping over my face, and there was something else as well. I was getting wetter as she looked down her nose at me.

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Caia Fox

Caia loves to create sexy stories that make you glad to be alive. Hot sex, emotional ups and downs and happy endings abound, and no one gets hurt unless they beg to be punished.


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