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Jia Yeen is sexy and chic


Jia Yeen is sexy and chic

Stylish, cool and fun, Jia Yeen epitomises sexy. We talk to this pretty banker on her love for food and her beauty tips to looking so good.

SimplySxy: Hi JiaYeen it’s a great pleasure to interview you on SimplySxy. Can you share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

JiaYeen: Hello, readers of SimplySxy! Check out below for some of my brief details:

Name: JiaYeen

Age: 24

Place of Origin: Malaysia with a hint of Thailand

Qualification: Accounting with certificate in baking

Occupation: Full-time Banker/ Part-time Blogger/ Part-time Baker/ Part-time Model

Hobbies: Baking, Dancing, Blogging, Singing, Reading Psychology-related books, travelling

Personalities: Passionate, Confident, Determined, Sexy (wink!)


SimplySxy: How will you describe your fashion style?

JiaYeen: Cool and sexy while maintaining my beauty. Nonetheless, I love to try out different styles just for fun.


SimplySxy: Do you have any personal indulgences when it comes to food?

JiaYeen: Oh yes, of course. I always crave for soupy stuff, like Ramen in thick Tonkatsu broth and Chinese Rice Noodles in yummy fish based soup.


SimplySxy: Can you share some beauty regime tips with our readers to how you look so good?


Tips on how to take good care of your skin:

  1. Always remove sunblock and/or makeup thoroughly.
  2. Daytime – Wash, Tone, VitC, Moisture, Sunblock

Nighttime – Wash, Scrub (Once a week), Tone, Mask (Twice or thrice a week), VitC, Moisture

1. Don’t be lazy when it comes to taking care of your skin.

2. A good skin foundation is more important than putting on thick makeup.

3. Avoid eating fast food and drinking soda beverages but consume more fruits and vegetables.

4. Green tea every morning to boost up your metabolism rate.


SimplySxy: The one item you can’t travel without is?

JiaYeen: I can’t travel without my sunblock, even if I am out for only half an hour or one hour. Never leave your house without any sunblock application.


SimplySxy: Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself?


  • Was a very hardcore gamer and I was addicted to online and offline games, like Gunbound, Dota, Maplestory, The Sims, Left4dead and more.
  • Have a weird obsession – love for zombies. That explained why I played Left4dead. Furthermore, one of my favourite movie is Resident Evil.
  • Did I mention anything about my passion in food testing?


SimplySxy: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

JiaYeen: Flash mob performances. Imagine dancing in front of a huge crowd spontaneously. (Well, to them, it is a spontaneous performance.)


SimplySxy: Thank you again for being on SimplySxy, JiaYeen. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

JiaYeen: “Sexy” is when you feel confident about yourself and be classily sexy. Sexy is not slutty, don’t overdo it by showing your naked body to the public.

Follow the gorgeous JiaYeen at the following links:

Instagram: JIA-YEEN (@jiayeen)


Facebook Page: Eggieyeen




Images courtesy of JiaYeen

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