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Pauline Tan, the lovely actress from Malaysia


Pauline Tan, the lovely actress from Malaysia

Malaysian actress Pauline Tan is going places, with a 2014 Golden Awards nomination for Best Newcomer and finishing 1st runner-up in the 2015 Miss Universe Malaysia, fans will be able to catch her in the upcoming drama Runaway Housewives premiering in July on ntv7. Learn her beauty tips to looking so amazing and the craziest thing she has ever done as we ask Pauline a few questions on SimplySxy.

SimplySxy: Hi Pauline, thanks for taking your time to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Pauline: I’m from a small town called Klang. Grew up performing on stages, which made me develop a huge passion for performing. I then went on to further my studies in National Taiwan University, majoring English Literature, and spent 1 year in Korea as an exchange student. (Yes, I speak a little Korean) In short, I would say I’m a simple girl with big dreams.


SimplySxy: Do you have any exciting projects coming up which your fans can look forward to seeing you in?

Pauline: After returning back to Malaysia after I graduated, I’m devoting myself fully into acting. And currently I’m shooting for a few local Chinese dramas, which will be aired on ntv7 around August. Besides that, I will be filming a Chinese Film alongside a Singapore actor, but it will only be showing some time next year! Stay tuned~!!

SimplySxy: You were 1st Runner Up in the recent Miss Universe Malaysia 2015. How was the whole experience for you the entire time?

Pauline: It has been a very beautiful experience I would say! Getting the chance to know 16 other wonderful ladies, and also the chance to step out of my comfort zone, and push myself to limits that I don’t even know I could exceed. There were times where I felt that the competition was strong and stressful, but I believed that all these challenges helped me excelled as a woman, and made a better person. It will be a memory that I will carry with me for the rest of my life!

SimplySxy: What’s your beauty secret to looking so amazing?

Pauline: Stay positive! When you have a positive mind, it brightens up your soul, which in turn, makes you a beautiful person, inside and out!


SimplySxy: How will you describe your fashion style?

Pauline: I don’t have a specific style in terms of fashion, but I prefer outfits that are comfortable and practical. And I love denim! <3

SimplySxy: Which is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Pauline: It would probably be cycling around Taipei 3am in the morning. I remember I was going through a heartbreak moment, and a few close friends came over to my dorm for a little chat. But we ended up touring Taipei in our worn out 2nd-hand-bicycles, cycling for almost 5 hours. The next day, all of us had sore butt cheeks.

SimplySxy: Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself which your fans probably do not know.


I enjoy photography! I like taking pictures of beautiful landscapes and the changing of seasons.

I like to go on short vacations, I am the kind of person who needs short breaks in order to function properly.

I am terrified of cockroaches, especially those that fly!


SimplySxy: One thing you can’t do without in your bag daily?

Pauline: My small, portable, digital camera. Just incase I need to snap something or someone beautiful from my daily life.

SimplySxy: Thank you again for the lovely interview Pauline. Can you tell us how you define “sexy”?

Pauline: I find those who are brainy sexy! Although looks play quite an important role, but I feel that the way a person carries him/herself is more important!

Pauline’s upcoming drama Runaway Housewives premieres on ntv7 in July.  Be sure to tune in to follow her!

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