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Jennifer Dao is sizzling hot


Jennifer Dao is sizzling hot

If you aren’t familiar with the name Jennifer Dao, this is your chance to know her. Of Vietnamese/French descent, Jennifer is one sexy model who has appeared in several top magazines and modelling events. SimplySxy has the great pleasure of featuring her so read on!

SimplySxy:  Hi Jennifer, we’re excited to interview you and thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from.

Jennifer: The weird part is people always ask if I’m from California, and sadly I have to shoot them down. I’m actually a country girl! Yup, born and raised in Minnesota. I moved to Seattle (West Coast baby!) about 2 years ago because I always told myself I wasn’t about to die in Minnesota, so when the opportunity presented itself, viola. Here I am.


SimplySxy:  How did your career in modelling begin?

Jennifer: To be honest, it’s all about networking. When I was younger I got lucky and my pictures kind of blew up over night on tumblr. Since then, I’ve met so many fantastic photographers and models and they’ve opened my eyes to this industry a lot more.

SimplySxy: We love your amazing hair in all the photos!  As a professional hairstylist, what are some style tips you can give to ladies who want to get that sexy and hot look?

Jennifer: Take care of it! A woman’s hair is one of her greatest accessory so don’t ever feel bad splurging on it.


SimplySxy:  The naughtiest thing you have ever done is?

Jennifer: Oh. Yeah…one time I broke an expensive vase and said my dog did it. He got yelled at but I took him to Petco after so we’re cool.

SimplySxy:  What is your favorite thing about the opposite sex?

Jennifer: Butts. On both sex actually. I’m not into girls but I do appreciate a good butt.


SimplySxy:  Which is the sexiest outfit in your wardrobe currently?

Jennifer: I’m feeling my new sheer one piece swimsuits. Sometimes more coverage is sexier. You just got to know how to do it.


SimplySxy: How will you describe an ideal date?

Jennifer: I have two sides, there’s one that would love dinner on the beach (we don’t have lots of beaches in MN. Actually none.) Or something adventurous, like scuba diving or sky diving. Haha, two extremes. But either works.


SimplySxy: It’s a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy, Jennifer. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Jennifer: When you know yourself and got yourself without needing anyone’s acknowledgements or standards. The ones that don’t let anyone define themselves. Those are the Originals. That’s sexy to me.

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Images courtesy of Jennifer Dao

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