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Babe of the day: Missy Ly


Babe of the day: Missy Ly

Who is Missy Ly?

I was originally born in BC, but moved to Alberta when I was very young. I am 23 years old and a fiery Aries. 😉 My nationality is half Korean and half Caucasian. I am currently attending College and working multiple jobs as well on the side. I love school, something about constant learning and being a bookworm makes it a fun place for me. I would consider myself a feminist.

I love reading nerdy novels, writing stories, shopping and traveling! I also love to cook and bake and have fun with my friends. I like animals more than most people, and my favorite animal is a wolf! I would love to get a zoo of animals when I’m less busy, but for now I have a Persian black cat named Mia. As well as that I have a very outgoing and friendly personality, and I love trying new things. If it’s an adventure- sign me up! I now reside in Edmonton, Alberta and am mostly based out of Canada, but am willing to travel if necessary. My areas of interest for modeling are glamour, editorial, fashion, hair/make up, lingerie, promotional, spokesperson/host, bodypaint, cosplay, art, pinup, swimwear, and implied.

What’s one fun fact about yourself?

I love, love, love reading and eating almost more than anything else! I’m a huge bookworm and foodie.


Photo: DevilMayCare Photography

What turns you on?

My biggest turn on… neck kisses, a guy/girl that has a sexy back, and someone that’s confident and fun as well as kind- corny but true!


Photo; My Photo G

Craziest thing you’ve done?

I’ve done so many crazy things wow, one of the craziest was a time years ago when a group of my friends and I were scared of getting caught partying so we jumped through a window and ran away from the cops in the ghetto and were chased for blocks!


Photo: Theresa Ngo

Favorite drink?

Porn star

Spit or swallow?



Photo: Stephen Chow

Sweet, Salty or a little bit of both?

Why pick one when you can have both!?


Photo: Dave Paduch

Which movie character best represents you?

Hmm.. I’d say, Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind-classic!


Photo: James Perry

Worst rejection you’ve faced?

Worst rejection… probably a couple years ago, when I was seeing someone for a few weeks, and even though everything was going great one day they up and left and decided to go back to their ex. I was pretty hurt for a while there! We’re still friends today though thankfully.

Must have in your wardrobe?

Must have in my wardrobe.. a sexy dress to go out in, I love dresses, and my bathrobe truthfully! I love just wearing a robe around my house.


Photo: Toni Kay Photography

What’s sexy to you?

Women are sexy to me, a gorgeous woman is sexier than anything else in this world let’s be honest! 😉

Follow the sexy Missy Ly on:

Instagram: @missy_ly

Twitter: @missy_ly

Where you can catch Missy Ly: Lately I’ve been doing a lot of tradeshows and I just started sushi modeling! I’ll be aiming for more magazine work in the future and hoping to travel more for photoshoots so watch out for my work and me! I’m also hoping to work at more carshows and meet more awesome people.

Featured images courtesy of Colin Smith Photography

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