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Kitty Nguyen the sexy Cosplayer


Kitty Nguyen the sexy Cosplayer

Get to know Kitty Nguen as SimplySxy talks to this sexy cosplayer who is of Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean ethnicity.

SimplySxy:  Hi Kitty, it’s great to feature you on SimplySxy!  Please share with us a little about yourself to our readers.

Kitty: A lot of people don’t know this but I’m actually pretty shy and quiet, it takes me a little bit to get used to opening up to someone new. Most of my free time, I spend it with my son , yes I’m also a mother of one, LOL, my boyfriend and my anime.

SimplySxy:  You have your personal website selling personalized t-shirts and other products.  Tell us more about it!

Kitty: Well the site is still a working progress . I haven’t been able to update the gallery yet , but it’s coming along nicely. All the prints I pick out on the site, are usually my most favorites.


SimplySxy: You’re an avid Cosplayer yourself.  How did the interest in cosplaying come about?

Kitty: Well I grew up watching Anime, and on drawing , art in general . To me Cosplaying is about creativity and escaping to a whole different world away from the everyday life stress. You get to meet others with the same interest and I actually made some pretty cool friends along the way . We enjoy each others company and we always try to plan group Cosplays , like a theme for each AX (Anime Expo) or for each Convention. It’s not about rivalry or who has best this / that. It’s bout expressing yourself and having fun and making new friends. And appreciating all the work everyone else puts in their Cosplays and feeling good at how much work you put in yours.

SimplySxy: Do you have any favorite characters you like to dress up as when you Cosplay?

Kitty: A lot of the Characters I go as usually are strong and maybe a bit crazy LOL . But other times , just characters that I can relate to here and there.

SimplySxy:  How much work goes into the process of each cosplay event you attend?  

Kitty: I haven’t started making any of my Cosplays yet due to lack of time. But even buying the outfit and props online is a lot of work in a way. Only because I have to research the quality of the things I’m gonna be purchasing.  I think the stressful part of it is “is it gonna get here on time? Is it gonna fit? What if it’s bad quality?” etc etc .


SimplySxy:  Are you more of a lingerie or bikini babe?

Kitty: Lingerie LOL

SimplySxy:  What’s your favorite body part?

Kitty: eyes . They say the eyes are windows to the soul.


SimplySxy: Do you have any naughty bits about yourself which you like to share to your fans?

Kitty: That’s a secret you just gotta find out 😉 LOL

SimplySxy:  Thank you for taking your time for us to interview you Kitty.  Before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Kitty: Confident being you and being happy in your own skin. Nothing is more sexy then knowing how to love yourself no matter what.

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