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Embracing the inner pervert


Embracing the inner pervert

After interviewing various men with rubber fetish for a piece I am working on for LGBTv (, it got me thinking about all the different types of fetish.

I recently bought a pair of leather trousers, to go with my leather waist coat and shorts, however sadly it was stolen while I was recording these interviews. I wonder if rubber is a fetish or could it be fashion? For some it is merely a fashion statement, I would imagine they will get a shock if someone pissed on them, lol. For many others it is a fetish, either enjoying how it feels or liking watersports or both. Personally I quite like seeing guys wet their pants. That is a big turn on for me and I am quite happy to openly admit it. However many guys do not openly admit their fetishes, whatever they are. I have also recently re-embraced leather and aim to get myself fully kitted out including a paddle. I like a bit of S&M as well and again not afraid to admit it.

So is it wrong to have a kink? Enjoy a fetish? Well as long as you’re not imposing it on someone or it’s not overtaking your life in some way then of course not.

I am sure we all have our own little or big kinks, so why not enjoy them and talk more openly about them without judging ourselves or other for having them.

Explore them either with yourself or someone else and see where it leads to. Sex is can be and should be fun as well as bringing two people together and exploring and trusting someone with sharing our kinks and fetishes with someone is a good way to this and of course very enjoyable as well.

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Jakeb Arturio Braden

Coach, Blogger, Trainer, Facilitator, TV Interviewer and LGB&T consultant. I have 20+ years of working in and around issues affecting gay and bisexual men, everything from nude photo shoots for sexual health promotion to running LGB&T training awareness course. Currently I am involved in a LGB&T TV production company.


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