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Mier Yap the stunning Malaysian babe


Mier Yap the stunning Malaysian babe

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Looking at Mier’s photos, you wouldn’t imagine the transformation she has gone through from her slimming experience to the stunning beauty she is today.  Awarded Miss Photogenic in the 2014 Miss Chinese Cosmos SEA pageant, Mier has rapidly established herself on social media and running her fashion brand Mi-cious.  This is one lady you don’t wish to miss out and SimplySxy takes this opportunity to know her better!

SimplySxy: Hello Mier! Thank you for taking your time for this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers.

Mier: Hi everyone, I’m Mier from Malaysia. Getting popular on the social media because of my own slimming experience and now I have my own fashion brand Mi-cious. Can get to know more about me from my Instagram @callmemiermier <3


SimplySxy: How did you begin modelling and what has been the highlight so far?

Mier: Started being a freelance model since 2013 after I’ve slimmed down. The future husband is a well-known fashion photographer and he trained me for the confidence and posing and all. After some time, we both really impressed for the outcome and the pretty photos encouraged me to move on in modelling field.


SimplySxy: You’re also a professional makeup artist. Can you give some make up tips every woman should know?

Mier: Before having makeup, it’s very important to apply mask twice a week. No matter how good is your cosmetics or makeup skill, moisture your face skin is the first priority. Once your skin is well-moisture, you will notice that just a nude makeup is already good enough.


SimplySxy: How will you describe your fashion style?

Mier: I used to have my own way on dressing. Not a must to follow the trend blindly, I would mix and match some of the trendy elements with my own fashion style, as long as it is presentable and comfortable and looks different with others girls from the street.


SimplySxy: Which is your favourite body part?

Mier: My tiny juicy… lips 😛


SimplySxy: You look amazing in the bikini and lingerie photos. Is there a particular lingerie you simply can’t travel without?

Mier: Thanks for your compliments my dear.  Actually I do not like to wear lingerie in real life. I prefer sleep naked. It feels more comfortable.


SimplySxy: What is the craziest thing you have done?

Mier: I have a fear of heights. Last year it was my first time riding on T Express & Let’s Twist at Everland, Korea. ( Forced by my bf ) I think that was the craziest thing that I have ever done.


SimplySxy: Give us three fun facts about yourself


  1. I will be stoned when shits happened but extremely anxious before it happens.
  2. I’m a rice lover .
  3. I swam naked in the swimming pool before.


SimplySxy: It has been a pleasure Mier and before we end the interview, can you tell us how you define “sexy”?

Mier: Nowadays many people icon-ed me as sexy because of my bikini/lingerie photos. But I personally think that as a lady growing up until certain age, they will wanna be feminine and sexy. Sexy is not just judged by the outlook but also from the inner such as the way of talking, standing, walking, and how you want to present yourself to people.

More pictures of the beautiful Mier Yap and where you can find her online on the next page!

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