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A Guide to Cuckold Terminology


A Guide to Cuckold Terminology

There are many euphemisms and slang used for sex and for those in the cuckold/hot-wife lifestyle is no exception. Here are some terms, not necessarily associated with cuckoldry that reader might encounter:

Cougar/Puma is a term used to describe a mature or older woman who seeks out young men for partners. Some “cougars” are married women involved with cuckoldry who  will describe themselves as being a “cougar” because they enjoy the age difference they have with young, virile men so much. There are wives who enjoy the age play of this lifestyle so much that they will frequent bars and clubs near military bases so they can help “support the troops”—at least all that they can handle.

Cream Pie or Cream-pie refers to the state of a woman’s vagina after she has had unprotected sex. This term is usually used as a woman “has a cream pie” that was created by her and her lover. For some women, this is the ultimate way to humiliate her cuckold or make him acknowledge and confront the special lifestyle they share is to make him clean up her cream pie.

Cuckquean  the female version of a cuckold. Here, a husband has sex with other women all with his wife’s acceptance and support while she remains faithful to him. In these relationships, the man is usually dominant over his cuckquean and sometimes she is bisexual or performs bisexual as directed by the man. In these relationship, the man is sometimes called a “hot-husband”.

Double Penetration is when a woman is simultaneously penetrated by two men in some combination; vaginal & oral, vaginal & anal, anal & oral.

Gangbang refers to a gathering where a woman has sex with many different men one after another. This is also called “training” because the men line up to have sex with the woman. Sometimes, this also involves some form of simultaneous penetration; see double or triple penetration.

Greedy wife/Greedy woman is only used in the UK that I know of and described a women, usually married, who crave sex with many different men. Supposedly these women are “greedy” because they are not satisfied with just one man and want more men than they are supposedly entitled to have.

On a sidenote, I would be interested from hearing from anyone outside the UK where this term is used the same way.

Gloryhole/Glory Hole refers to a make shift opening a booth or closet through which a man puts his penis so someone on the other side can perform orally on him. Quite often “gloryholes” can be found in “adult entertainment centers” or “peep shows”. This activity is for women that enjoy truly anonymous sexual activities. Some  involved with a cuckold lifestyle create a gloryhole somewhere in their home.

Hen Party refers to a gather of women or mostly women to drink and have some fun. while this is not specifically a cuckold-related term some women involved with cuckoldry like to have special hens parties where bring in or go somewhere featuring male strippers. Sometimes a cuckold husband will serve as the designated driver for a girls’ night out.

QOS/Queen-of-Spades is often used to describe a wife with a white husband who seeks out black men for sex. Some women like this will get a spade-symbol or “QOS” tattooed somewhere on their body’s which in certain social situations serves as a sign to others of their special interest in black men.

Size Queen refers to a woman who prefers and seeks out sexual partners that are well-endowed. Often a wife involved with a cuckold-lifestyle will refer to herself as a “size queen” and that she got into the lifestyle because her husband is under endowed.

Snowball  refers to a woman hold a load a ejaculate in her mouth and pass it to to someone else by kissing them. Often a woman will take the ejaculation of a man into her mouth and then she kisses her cuckold thereby giving him a “snowball”. This again, can be one of the ways a woman humiliates her cuckold—by giving him the cum from her lover in a kiss.

The Look refers to instances where a woman, usualy married, approaches or is engaged in a sexual act with another man and she looks back at her husband to make sure he sees her and what she is doing. This is also called “eye contact”.

Triple Penetration where a woman is penetrated simultaneously by three men. Some also call this an “air tight” scene.

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Steve is a middle-aged husband and father living in the northern US. By day he works as a technical analyst/project manager for a large company by night he explores the depths of alternative sexual lifestyles - mostly involve female-led relations.


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