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Kyla Gray, knockout combination of beauty and brains


Kyla Gray, knockout combination of beauty and brains

Kyla Gray is a Korean model who has been living in America her whole life.  Multi-talented, lending her support for a non-profit organisation dealing with depression and with a strong interest in Political Science, Kyla takes her time out to answer our questions with this gorgeous beauty.

SimplySxy: Hi Kyla, thank you for being on SimplySxy. We can’t help but notice the amazing photo that you have on your website. Could you share with us your secret to looking so effortless chic in photoshoots?

Kyla Gray: I think it’s a mixture of a few thing. One, a good photographer. Two, being comfortable in front of the camera. Cameras take honest shots and they can see right through you. Three, a lot of takes! I will take hundreds of photos in one session and we will use 10-20 photos!


SimplySxy: Being brought up in an Irish-Italian family in New Jersey must have been a most interesting experience. How has this unique upbringing shaped your perspective in life?

Kyla: I owe my family everything in life. They’ve shaped me to be a strong, independent, free thinking, open minded, hard working individual. They helped me see the weaknesses in other people and how not to let them define who I am. They have taught me love and how to appreciate life. With me, the glass is always half full; I can see the good in any situation.


SimplySxy: As a seasoned and versatile artist, could you share with us some of your most challenging projects and gigs?

Kyla: I think each project I take on has it’s own challenges. Trying to produce new photos can be hard. I have the figure of a “Maxim” model so if I want to expand out of that.. it can be fairly difficult. I also feel that as an Asian-American woman trying to break into the bigger projects in New York City, the competition is real.


SimplySxy: Taking a break from one’s acting career may sometimes be a risky move. What was your main pull factor for doing so in 2004 and are there any particular reasons for choosing to major in Political Science?

Kyla: I was in high school and wanted a social life back. I would go straight from school into the city for auditions, back home to do homework and then I’d go to bed and do it all over again. I remember I had to arrive to summer camp two days late because I was filming something. It’s difficult being so young and having such a complex lifestyle. I was also involved in gymnastics, voice lessons and acting lessons. It was a lot.  Political Science intrigues me and I loved learning about it. I studied Middle Eastern politics primarily and still would love to visit some of the areas over there.


SimplySxy: Every girl has something she can’t live without in her wardrobe. What is yours?

Kyla: Black leggings. You can wear them with anything, dress them up or down. I feel this should be a staple in any woman’s closet!


SimplySxy: Do you have any upcoming projects in the pipeline which you like to share with our readers?

Kyla: Yes! For the month of February I am donating 50% of the proceeds being sold at to a non-profit called the You Rock Foundation. It deals with depression; it’s estimated that nearly 20 million people are affected by depression within the US… that’s just the US, nevermind throughout the world. I am selling one-of-a-kind items this time around, so anything people buy will be truly special.


SimplySxy: One last question before we sign off. As Miss COED for the month of February 2014, how do you define sexy?

Kyla: Being beautiful inside and out.

Find out more about Kyla and her amazing photos on her website and follow her on facebook, tumblr, instagram and twitter!

Featured image courtesy of George Elder Photography

Images in Interview courtesy of Jeff Loo

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