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My encounter with G on Ashley Madison


My encounter with G on Ashley Madison

It was time to pull the trigger on this AM thing. “AM” by the way is lingo for “Ashley Madison”. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the quantity (notice I did not say “quality”) of male suitors that have tried to contact me. I am not sure how G and I found each other but we began to chat in a matter of fact way on yahoo. Oh, here is another little AM insider secret, apparently AM charges to chat on their site among other things. I just realized this last night. I was wondering why all these men directed me to yahoo to chat. One of them made a comment about the paying thing.

Now aside from being horny, I am also extremely frugal when it comes to paying for shit that I know is available for free.

So back to G. We actually began chatting as I was trying to collect information for the blog. Poor, sweet G hasn’t learned yet that just about every interesting thing I learn or do finds its way into one of my blogs eventually.

Don’t worry G. If you are reading this I will be kind.

So G like the rest of us is horny and not gettin’ any from his wife. What fascinated me about G was that he has been on AM for two months I think he said and already met 8 different women. Impressive right?

Am I missing something or at one point in a young woman’s life is that a turn off? Oh well, like I said in the interest of the blog lets press forward.

So G was telling me about the women he came across. Quite frankly, I find it hard to believe that none of them appealed to him but he said they didn’t and based on some of the crazy men I have come across, I trust him. At one point in our chat he said something about me being the only normal woman he’s chatted with. Now THAT’s saying something! Then he asked me to lunch. Lunch is innocent…right?!?!?! So I agreed.

Okay so here is my issue and will probably always be my issue. My issue is TIME. How in the world do women get away for hours at a time for these encounters? At one point G mentioned that if we hit it off we will have a “long lunch”. While that was an incredible turn on for me, the stress from trying to account for hours of my time nearly drove me to cancel but I pressed through. As sleazy as it sounds I opted for skipping lunch and heading straight for “dessert”. That was G’s joke. I want to give him credit for it.

So our arrangement was to meet at a hotel and this is what happened:

We met, we fucked…end of story. No Sorry, just kidding. That was cruel wasn’t it?

Actually G established the room and texted me the number. I headed directly up once I got to the hotel. I made excellent time by the way and now feel incredibly guilty because G said it took him about an hour and 20 minutes to get there and well … it took me 20 minutes. Sorry again, G.

So G greeted me and introduced himself. Awkward for both of us. Then he started kissing me. Now, I asked him if anybody told him he was a good kisser. He said he didn’t know. I told him I was saying “YES”. Good kissers are generally good in bed from my experience. Really, I was taking a chance but I was glad when he started kissing me and I immediately started to get wet.

We started to undress each other and I could feel that he had an erection pretty much right away. Another turn on and G I forgot to mention that you have a BEAUTIFUL dick!

Once we got our clothes off, he immediately went down on me. Can I tell you that this guy had talent? Hey, isn’t that the name of a television show? He knew just where to run his tongue and it felt amazing. All I could think was “Dude, what the fuck is wrong with your wife?!”

OH MY GOD! I totally forgot to mention that G had an accent! I LOVE accents !!! At first I couldn’t place it. Was it Russian? German? Turns out it was Greek/Lebanese. His voice ran right through me as well as his eyes. He had beautiful blue eyes and I looked directly into them whenever I could. He kept telling me to smile and all I kept thinking about was how good he felt and “What the fuck is wrong with your wife?!”

He kept asking me what I was thinking and I kept telling him that I wanted his dick inside of me in the worst way but he held off. It was a tease and a turn on but I wanted it. When he finally agreed, it did in fact feel amazing. He made a comment about me being wet. Well DUH! Dude, you were doing all the right things to me!

He just kept flipping me from side to side. I got on top of him which by the end, was determined to be our favorite position for the day. I think the condom sort of spoiled it for him and I am regretting now not picking them up myself although I would have probably gotten the same kind. We lay in bed after we both came … him once and me several times. I think he was questioning whether I came or not. G I CAME okay?!?! You were amazing what can I say!

It was surprisingly nice, lying in bed and chatting. He told me about his family and about his job. I told him about mine. I lay there thinking that I was comfortable, I liked this guy and was completely turned on by him. At one point, he said to me “So what are you going to write about this in your blog?” and I thought that was funny because that is pretty much what I was wondering myself.

I promised to be “kind” mainly because it was a wonderful experience for me and even though I told him I had fun, I am not sure that he believed me. So G if you are reading this, I hope you believe me now. Sadly, the encounter had to end. It was several hours that I had stolen for myself and I enjoyed them entirely.

I asked G if he would be online tonight. He said probably not and we started talking about sports only to come to the realization that he is a Yankees fan and I of course am a Phillies fan.

Oh, G and I was beginning to think the day was nearly perfect.
And I wonder what G is thinking of now.

This article has been republished with permission from Kitty.
Please visit Kitty’s blog to view the original post and more of her posts here

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