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Perks of selling your used panties


Perks of selling your used panties

My name is “tiny” Leticia and I’m an independent seller of my “dirty” used panties. Currently residing in the midwest, where I’ve sold hundreds of my sweet little panties for over 2 years and hope to sell hundreds more.image2

It began while I was researching the word pheromones and stumbled across women selling their used panties. It looked like a fun sexy way to make a little extra cash and an excuse to take sexy pictures. I made a little website and started on my journey of being a fetishist of used panties. Along the way, I’ve met some wonderful people including other sexy sellers as well as my awesome buyers.

There are many misconceptions about being a seller of your unmentionables such as it being an easy way to make money. Being a panty seller is your own little business which takes A LOT of time, energy and patience.  Just like any other business, the time you put into selling will make you as successful as you want to be. There is more to it than sexy undies. Your postman knows your name and is probably curious in the discrete packages you ship daily.

One of the main and most important things to note are ….PIC, .PICS and more PICS! We know men are visual creatures and they want to see you in the panties they are buying. I for one have taken thousands of sexy photos which is something I absolutely love. It’s one of the perks of selling your panties of course! Having good clear communication with your buyers is key.

Another misconception is I am a prostitute or offer sexual favours. I love all women and we have the freedom to choose what we do with our sexuality as it is our own, and for me, I choose to strictly sell only my panties. Sorry boys..image1

My panties are sized extra small to small, never bigger. My particular size soaring heights of a mere 4’11 makes me stand out a little from my “voluptuous peer sellers.” With my seller name of Tiny Leticia, I learned at the beginning that this would be my niche. I embrace my sexuality in my size. There is a buffet of beautiful sellers in this fetish, and if a man is partial to a small latina, I’m their pint size seller.

One of my best sellers is the extra small G-string, preferably one from Victoria’s secret. It usually lasts only a few hours on the market. Its doll size is suits men looking for the ass scent in a tiny package.

I have ways my buyers can “customize” the panties I wear for them to capture the scent or visual which turns them on. image3Thongs or G-strings are more for the back-end scent. Whether they like the smell of straight body odour, or add hint of perfume, my unique smell which buyers go crazy over for is my musky sweet scent. For an experienced collector of panties knows exactly what he wants.

One of the sexy perks of selling is I get paid to play in my panties. Once I had a buyer pay me to play eight times and wear for four days straight. I do four day wears very rarely because it is a tough order. These particular panties were one of the dirtiest to date, but he was very pleased with the soiled panties and strong scent which he purchased and is still a buyer to this day. I understand all my buyers are different and I try to accommodate them all.

Images courtesy of Leticia
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I'm Leticia, a fetishist who sells her panties to men and women who desire my most intimate possession. Each buyer is different and I try to satisfy all unique taste for my used panties.


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