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How my panty business began as an adventure


How my panty business began as an adventure

I’ve always had no qualms about my sexuality – that includes accepting that fetishes are far and wide, and that seduction often involves a fair bit of imagination.Marty BP2

Finding out more about people is also a bit of a pet hobby.  Just like how some girls tell what sort of guy they’re going out with by scrutinizing the contents of his bathroom cabinet, I’m the kind of girl who tells what a guy is like by the type of underwear he likes on his fantasy chick.  That’s who I am – the provider of fantasies, via proxy of my dirty, scented, panties.

My panty business started as part of an adventure.  The guy I was going out with loved me taking off my underwear in front of him and keeping it in his pocket; that no matter what, he always had a part of me with him.  Holding it, sniffing it, and allowing his imagination to fly.  After one night of heavy sexting with a paramour, I had a particularly creamed up pair of panties.  I thought… why not make some money?  I posted the panties on Craigslist – with the conditions of wire payment and mail receipt – along with a description of what I was doing.  Within 15 minutes, my first pair of scented panties were sold and I was $50 richer.

To a school girl, any income was welcome.  And so my business started.  Through the years, I’ve amassed a loyal following of kinksters.  I’ve had a myriad of customers – some who have shared their stories with me.  They include retired professionals who are curious about cross-dressing, bored office workers who rub themselves with my panties at work, heterosexual couples (where the woman wears my panties as an introduction to bisexual coupling), and lesbians who enjoy cunt.

As fantasies stems from one’s imagination, the possibilities are limitless.  I like to think of myself as a rather open-minded person, and view my business as a way of expanding on my own sexuality.  After some customers replied my emails with feedback about how they used my panties, some of them also requested particular fetishes.  I would then offer these requests to go along with the panties I sell as special “flavors” of the month – such as masturbation, exercising and making my panties all sweaty, and panty stuffing; the popular requests would then go on to become staples in my offerings.  I also fully encourage my customers to not feel shy, and share their fantasies and requests with me.  I always try to fulfill requests and to date, I am proud to say I’ve never turned down one.

Most customers are happy to let me pick what to send them – I usually pick a cotton panty as I’ve found that cotton retains scents best.  Occasionally, a customer would request for a special type of panty.  Some memorable pieces are crotchless panties and micro-mini G-strings (dental floss G-strings with a tiny patch that hardly covers anything).  It’s such a turn on to wear these sexy pieces.

Most of my customer base is in Singapore.  I’ve found that despite our ultra-conservative façade, damn, people are kinky.  However, I’ve noticed a strange train of thought from some of my customers.  A common worry from men who purchase is that I am male, looking to get my kicks off by playing pranks on them – to which I’ll say, that’s terribly insulting.  Grow up.  There are also men who ask for more – to which the answer is always a sound “No”.  As with any endeavor, limits must be clearly drawn.  Mine are that sales are conducted through safe channels, with both mine and the customers’ fantasy identities intact.  After all, selling my panties is as much as fulfilling my fantasies as I am fulfilling someone else’s.

Won’t you let me scent my panties for you?


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Purveyor of fine scented panties and other kinkery. Some-time writer with an overactive imagination. xox, Darlene


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