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Viet Pride 2014, Starting 18th July!


Viet Pride 2014, Starting 18th July!

Starting from the end of 2013 until now, we have witnessed positive movements in the gay, bisexual, and transgender community in Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as the ‘LGBT’ community). One typical example is the ‘I DO’ campaign that exploded on the Internet, which called on people to support marriage equality for same-sex couples. After which, the campaign gained enormous response from people of all social backgrounds. At the same time, there were new ideas for the Amended Constitution of Vietnam, in regards to the citizens’ rights to marriage, according to which, “men and women have the right to marry”. It has opened new doors for marriage equality.

In June 2014, the Marriage and Family Law of 2000 (amended) was passed. Unlike what the LGBT community had hoped for, all that has changed was the replacement of the word “prohibited” with “not recognize”, in regards to same-sex marriage. Although for many people, this mostly means that the Law in Vietnam is not making any progress. However, it is what actually motivates the LGBT community and those who support non-discrimination in marriage, to have even more purpose in advocating for change, and removing prejudices in society.

Therefore, the theme for VietPride 2014—the pride event of the LGBT community in Vietnam this year, was decided to be “Blossom Your Life!”. As a message, which emphasizes on a positive outlook for the future, it urges for everyone in the community to be strong and live true to themselves. It also calls on friends and allies to take the initiative to stand up, and protect what is right and necessary in society.

VietPride 2014 will be held in 17 provinces and cities of Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Can Tho, Hai Phong, Hue, Dong Nai, Thanh Hoa, Dalat … At each location, the LGBT community and supporters are all going to have quite attractive activities, such as seminars, exhibitions, film screenings, sharing and exchanges, cycling, parade, flashmob dance, and also entertainment programs which are contributed by the community themselves. In the overall spirit of the worldwide Pride event (1), VietPride brings with it, not only the pride of the LGBT community members, but also an opportunity to exchange between parents, friends, as well as those who simply want to give support for justice, for the diversity of life, for love and marriage equality.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the VietPride 2014 event will take place over 4 days, from July 18th to July 21st, 2014. There will be alternating activities, such as seminars, 45-minute workshop sessions, community celebration night, film screenings, exhibitions, and especially the outdoor event with pink dress code titled “Blossom Your Life!”, which promises to bring an atmosphere filled with spreading love.

In the aspiration for a just and civilized society, we hope that your contributing efforts, as reporters and editors, will be a powerful catalyst in providing all citizens with more information on diversity, in order to remove prejudices, and to build an increasingly brighter future.

Best regards,

The Organizer of VietPride 2014

Web page for information updates: click here
Images of Viet Pride 2013 in HCMC: click here 
Clip of Viet Pride 2013 in HCMC: click here

For information on VietPride 2014, please contact:
Mr. Huynh Minh Thao | Organizer Representative

(1)The origin of the LGBT Pride Month: Each year, the month of June has become the Pride month of the LGBT community all over the world since 1969, to commemorate the Stonewall event in Manhattan – the tipping point for a series of movements, fighting for equality rights of gay, bisexual and transgender people in America. At present, Pride month is different for different places, but usually varies between the three months of June, July and August of each year.

Images courtesy of VietPride
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