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Betty Bang on SimplySxy


Betty Bang on SimplySxy

SimplySxy:  What do you think is the root cause of porn addiction? 

Betty Bang:  I think addiction is an addiction.  People are addicted to many things not just porn. Porn gives pleasure whatever gives pleasure can be addictive.

SimplySxy:  With porn so easily accessible on the Internet, do you think more control is needed so keep children and young teens away from them?

Betty:  I think sex is everywhere.  Cable has some crazy shit on it in your own living room, Facebook, social media.  If you don’t want your kids to see sex, block them from the universe. Parents need to be more open with their children.  Limit the time on the computer (and) play a board game with your child.  Bad parenting skills shouldn’t be blame on porn.


SimplySxy:  Can you share with us one funny/awkward/embarrassing moment that have happened on set?

Betty:  The funniest moment was on set in my last scene when I kept on slipping and didn’t know why.  After the scene I discovered my heel had been broken the whole time.  I thought it was (due to) the five guys cum on the floor.

SimplySxy:  What is your most memorable scene done to date?

Betty:  My first interracial scene; I was so nervous.  I never had been with a strong big black dick before I started doing porn and now bring all those cocks to me.  The more the better.

SimplySxy:  When we watch porn, the male stars seem to be able to go on for an hour. Are they really that good?

Betty:  Lol they are

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite sex toy?

Betty:  I enjoy to cocks at the same time.  One 8 inch in my pussy and anything with a strong vibration on my clit.

SimplySxy:   What is the wildest sex act you have done that had nothing to do with filming?

Betty:  The wildest sex act was in a taxi I squirted on the cab driver and everything and it wasn’t planned at all.  I was actually trying to be good that night.

SimplySxy:  Let our male readers in on a secret.  What lingerie will a lady want their man to buy them?

Betty:   I hate that feather stuff in the mag. I love latex!

SimplySxy:  Do you think that watching porn makes sex better in a relationship for couples?

Betty:  Hell yeah it gets you in the mood.


SimplySxy:  Allow our imagination to run wild.  Share with us one sex experience that was impromptu and in the heat of the moment

Betty:  There are so many.  I think in the driveway before I could even walk in the house.  I never wear underwear.  On A ROOF of a parking lot.

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