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A Treatise on Fellatio

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Sex Ed

A Treatise on Fellatio

It’s just a penis, right? Probably not worse for you than smoking…

So, most guys love it, right? Let’s be honest, most girlfriends and wives find it more of a ‘job’ and find it less than appealing to do it. As a result, the experience might be uncomfortable or even painful for the recipient. Doing it well however might make the whole experience more reciprocal and enjoyable for the both of you. This short article hopefully discusses the key points on a good blowjob (guy on guy/girl on guy).

Cut or uncut

This basic point makes a world of a difference and affects technique and process. For those not in the know, a cut penis is a circumcised penis with the foreskin removed. An uncut penis retains the foreskin. The foreskin protects the glans (head of the penis) from the outside, making it more sensitive. A cut penis, having no foreskin, is more exposed to the constant sensation of clothes and other stimuli. The approach between the two therefore is different and will be dealt with separately below.

The process (uncut)

If you’ve been fooling around for a bit, your man is probably already ready to go. But if not, gently use your tongue to tease the tip of the penis. Using your mouth, enclose the entire flaccid penis and suck gently. Be careful with your teeth when doing this. Try and curl your lips inward so your teeth don’t graze the goods! By now your man should be up and ready or on the way. Use your hand to gently draw the foreskin back to expose the glans. Do not pull back too hard too fast and too quickly as this will cause the foreskin to draw back on the frenulum (bottom of the glans at the tip of the penis) which may cause tearing of the skin and general discomfort. Curl your tongue around the glans and lick like you’re licking a popsicle stick. Don’t be afraid of using a bit of saliva. More lubrication allows more movement and more pleasure as a result.

The shaft of the penis is also important. Lick up and down, curling your tongue along the way. Suck gently along the way, especially focusing on the glans. Keep the shaft wet so you can slide your hand up and down the shaft. Again, you are not shaking a martini: do not stroke/slide your hand quickly and too fast. Particularly in an uncut gentleman, this may cause some tearing, pain or discomfort. Your man will give you a good idea of what is a good speed and pressure. Many women move up and down the penis with their mouth, simulating entry into the vagina. The verdict is still out on this method. Some guys find this pleasurable, others, not so much. I tend to think, if a man can do the same with your vagina, why get a blowjob? I would recommend paying more attention to the glans and shaft as outlined above.

Your man does not just have a penis. His other jewels are also a whole new world of pleasure. Play with them with your fingers while you are sucking him off. Then take a ball in your mouth and again suck gently. Lick the balls while you stroke him. That should give him a world of pleasure to think about.

The process (cut)

Cut penises are in a world of their own. The big difference is because there is no foreskin, the glans is exposed constantly to outside stimuli like the fabric of clothes/ underpants/ water when bathing etc. It is therefore less sensitive than on a guy with a foreskin. This does not mean that the glans should be ignored completely; there is feeling there, just not as intense as an uncut gentleman.

In this case, I would recommend less attention on the glans but instead focus on the corona (no, not the beer) where the glans meets the shaft, the slight lip on the glans. Pay some attention in licking that sweet spot as it is usually less de-sensitised than the rest of the glans. Some guys have a row of little bumps on the corona. That is a good place to be stimulated with your tongue.

Otherwise the same attention to the shaft and balls apply to the cut gentleman. Lots of saliva and lubricant to stroke his penis while sucking would be ideal.

The other regions

The penis and balls are not the only erogenous zones that you can target when you are down there. Between his legs (where his thighs meet the crotch) is a good spot to kiss and gently lick. They are areas which do not receive much stimuli normally and therefore are particularly sensitive to a wet mouth.

If you are adventurous, you can move down to his perineum, the region between his anus and testicles. Also a region that does not receive much stimuli, this can be extremely pleasurable for your man if you lick and suck this area. I’ll go into this in a later article but good hygiene is a must.


This is for the more advanced class. You’ve probably heard that guys love this. Porn movies show this all the time and the guy usually groans like heaven on earth. It’s not usually as dramatic as that though it feels good. If your man really wants you to do it, the secret is practice, practice, practice. Practice on swallowing something about the size of your man’s penis (a carrot or your vibrator) to get your gag reflex used to something down that far your throat. Make it clear to your man however, that pushing your head down on his penis does not encourage you to deep throat and is frankly just rude.


Ah, the big finish. Unfortunately, many men have different ways in which they can make themselves cum. This might be a question of how fast they want to stroke their penis, the amount of pressure they put on their glans, amount of lubricant or level of arousal. It is difficult to replicate this with your mouth. Therefore, making your man cum after doing all that work down there is not always possible. It is rewarding when it does happen and it could happen from time to time for a various range of reasons but don’t be disappointed if it does not happen. Sex, including oral sex, is not about climax or cum. It’s about a coming together of two people who want to express their affection for each other by giving each other mutual pleasure. Orgasm is only a small part of that.

Happy sxing,


Stephanie (Steph) Monteith is a novice equestrian and enjoys feeling strong and powerful muscles where it counts. She enjoys reading and meeting new girls and boys...


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