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End Premature Ejaculation with Pleasure

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End Premature Ejaculation with Pleasure

Can you savour sexual excitement, and climax joyfully?  When you ejaculate, do you feel thrilled and blissful?  Or do you feel shame and humiliation?  Do thoughts like “Oh no!”  “I can’t please my partner!”  “I have no control!” go running through your mind? The problem of premature ejaculation is extremely common and is suffered by most men at some point in their lives. It can lead to low self-esteem and relationship problems.

Traditional treatments for premature ejaculation include desensitizing creams, distracting thoughts, pills that muffle sexual feeling, and techniques that block ejaculation.  These treatments are not only ineffective – they actually cause harm! Please do not use them.  I see many men who have suffered for years with premature ejaculation.  After using these techniques as a fix, they come to see me because they are numb inside, turned off sex, suffering from erectile dysfunction and experiencing inhibited ejaculation.  There is a simple, effective way to end all this suffering and heartache.  And the best news is  – the solution is learning to enjoy more pleasure!  By training your body to enjoy more pleasure, you acquire Orgasmic Mastery.  This learning takes only a few hours of conscious commitment.  Once the basic principles are absorbed, new knowledge can unfold through the joyful practice of a lifetime.

We all unconsciously place limits on how intense sexual energy can be, limiting the potential of our sexual experiences.  I believe that without Orgasmic Mastery training, all of men’s ejaculations will be premature, in that they limit access to more profound pleasure.  When men approach the maximum sexual charge their bodies can comfortably deal with, they generally release it through ejaculation.  Orgasmic Mastery techniques allow you to welcome the intensity and allow it to build so that you can experience more and more pleasure.

The first thing we need to do is learn to savour prolonged arousal in our self-pleasuring practices.  We get used to masturbating in habitual, efficient ways.  By employing more creative touch techniques, and giving mindful attention to body sensation, you can learn to feel your body from the inside, and to enjoy each stage of arousal.  You can even learn to orgasm without ejaculating!

Key to curing unintentional ejaculation is learning to build up sexual energy in our bodies in a relaxed state.  This enables much more energy and ecstatic pleasure to flow all though our whole bodies.

The second path to gaining Orgasmic Mastery is teaching your body to hold a high erotic charge.  Use breath and visualization to shift the focus from your genitals and circulate arousal through your whole body.  You will soon be enjoying an erection in every cell!

The next challenge is taking Orgasmic Mastery into partner play.  Partner sex is exciting and unpredictable.  There is enormous pressure on men to “get it up” and maintain an erection.  Men not only suffer shame and humiliation when they ejaculate unintentionally, they also feel embarrassment and confusion when they don’t get hard or experience inhibited ejaculation.  Teaching your body to generate and circulate elevated levels of erotic energy makes it easier to get and maintain a reliable erection. And we also need to learn techniques for erotic engagement that take the pressure off erection and ejaculation.  Learn to savour the pleasures of a soft cock, and explore post-ejaculatory possibilities.  There are literally thousands of ways to be sexual, and only one of them depends on having a hard penis.  Learning many ways to please a partner while you enjoy your own body, you can learn to savour and share a much wider range of erotic response.

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Caffyn Jesse

Caffyn Jesse is a widely-respected teacher of sexuality. She teaches the Canadian Professional Somatic Sex Educator Training with Dr. Liam Snowdon. She offers a Certificate in Intimacy Education training to advanced students. Caffyn has a Masters degree in Educational Studies and a postgraduate Associate in Sex Education Certificate from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality. She is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator.


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