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How safe are my Toys?


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How safe are my Toys?

A recent scare in Sweden prompted an investigation on sex toys after some were known to contain a toxic chemical called Phthalates.  There have been many reported cases in recent years of children’s toys containing dangerous chemicals especially those produced in China.  As China is the major exporter of sex toys, producing 70 percent for the world’s market, how are we certain that the materials used are safe for us to put into our bodies?  If you are thinking of purchasing a toy or already own one, here are 5 tips you should follow for your safety.

Tip 1 – Buy “Phthalate-free” toys

Phthalates are a chemical used to make plastics more flexible and softer.  They are banned in children’s toys but can be found in nail polish, adhesives, paint pigments and sealants.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies Phthalates as a possible human carcinogen (cancer causing).  Other studies have also linked Phthalates to infertility, reproductive issues, kidney and liver damage.  A Greenpeace-TNO reported that seven out of eight sex toys contained more than one Phthalates in varying concentrations from 24 to 49 percent.

As no safety regulations currently exist for sex toys, packaging with “Phthalate-free” claims are unverified and might also be false.  Nonetheless, looking out for it is a good place to begin.

Tip 2 –  Do not buy soft toys that bend

Sex toys that are soft and bend easily are most likely to contain Phthalates.  This check is particularly important especially if the packaging does not mention the materials used in producing the toy.

Tip 3 – Smell it

If the sex toy smells “rubbery”, unpleasant or similar to that of a “new car”, take it as a warning sign.

Tip 4 – Look for harder sex toys

To reduce the risk of exposure to Phthalates in your sex toys, buy toys that are made from silicon, Pyrex glass or stainless steel.  Not only are these toys plastic free, they are also non-porous.  Non-porous toys have a smooth and impermeable surface that does not have any tiny nooks for bacteria to hide in.

Tip 5 – Look out for quality through the branding

As 70 percent of the world’s sex toys are made in China, chances are the one which you are thinking of buying or already own comes from there.  Beware of toys that are not of a household brand and are sold cheaply due to the low quality of materials used in manufacturing.  Brands such as Lelo, OhMiBod, We-Vibe, JimmyJane, Nexus, B Swish, Fleshlight ensure a high level quality standard for their products.  Your sex toy is going to give you all the fun you can get.  Do not put your health at risk as a result of buying a toy just because it is cheap.  Quality products are safer, last for years and leaves you stress-free to fully enjoy them.

Be Informed

Now that you have gone through our 5 buying tips, be sure to do your homework by reading up on the sex toy you are considering buying.  This allows you to shop at ease to protect your body and your money.

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