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Rebecca Dewar

Rebecca Dewar

Rebecca L. Dewar is physically disabled from a car accident. Her physical disability is a high level spinal cord injury and she depends upon a ventilator to breathe. She is a licensed social worker in Pennsylvania. Rebecca has her master degrees in social work and human sexuality of which both degrees are clinically focused. In the summer of 2014, she began PhD level classes. As a licensed social worker, she has experience working with individuals who have physical and\or intellectual\developmental disabilities (children, adolescents, young adults, and older adults). She has experience in working with her clients providing case management, counseling, and education regarding life issues including concerns and\or inquiries related to sexuality. Currently, she works at Community Interactions, Inc. where she provides counseling and sexuality education to adult men and women with cognitive challenges (intellectual\developmental disabilities) as well as to direct support staff and administrative personnel. Rebecca has spoken to college students in various disciplines of study (social work, psychology, human sexuality, nursing, physical therapy) on the topic of sexuality and quadriplegia. Sexuality and disability is her area of interest regarding research and practice within the fields of social work and human sexuality.

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