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Rainbow Girl DouDou Mameko


Rainbow Girl DouDou Mameko

Hello every one! I am DouDou Mameko. I come from China.

What defines your fashion style?

People often ask, which color do you like best?

I often think about this question. But I like not only the flame red, the warm yellow of the sun, but also the green of nature, gentle, calm and romantic blue, purple . There are so many pleasant colors in the world, Each color will bring me different pleasure, which makes it difficult for me to choose. And then I finally understood: I like the color of the rainbow.

As people say, no rain, no rainbow.

You may be surprised to hear that when I was a child, I was very shy and introverted, even a little stuffy. It should have related with my childhood experience. The early death of my own father made me an insecure child, unwilling to believe anyone. But my mother is a strong woman. She always encourages me to be myself, and always supports my lifestyle. Since I was a child, I loved to play with dolls and collect dolls. Compared with noisy outdoor play, I prefer to have a tea party with dolls and stay home with them. I regard them as treasures. Although I grew up, my love for dolls has not changed at all.

When I was younger, I tried Lolita fashion, a lovely retro Rococo style with full of lace and exaggerated pompous skirts. I think it’s very cute. By the way, oversized and exaggerated bonnet is my favorite accessories, just like an antique doll. At one time, I was very obsessed with Lolita fashion and dressing up as a gorgeous Rococo girl. But later I began to be dissatisfied. Great majority Lolita dresses had too low color saturation. I needed more bright colors to make me happy…

When I entered University, I thought the chance had come. I can finally become more free. I began to let go of myself and dyed my hair to rainbow colors. I started looking for my own rainbow fashion.

Although it’s too different, my family and friends are very supportive because they also think that nothing is more important than living happily. My classmates envy my self-confidence too. They said, “Seeing your color makes us so happy!” I became a beautiful scenery in the University.

I am very happy that my color will bring good mood to others. Nothing can make me happier than this. With different styles of rainbow dress, it will make me feel comfortable. I love both bright and pastel rainbows with high saturation. I will not let go of every detail and use all kinds of accessories to complete my visual art. I enjoy this process very much, and it will make me feel very successful to finish matching them.

Now I often combine my rainbow color with Lolita fashion, and gradually become my own colorful dolly style.

Where do you get your fashion and beauty inspiration from?

I like all the colors, so I’ll get inspiration from anything that’s colorful. In nature, there are rainbows, flowers and animals, even a cute mushroom can give me great inspiration.

Furthermore, I also like to collect colorful vintage toys and dolls. I often imitate the makeup of these toys and dress myself up like them. 

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I love to collect colorful vintage toys and dolls. I often imitate the makeup of these toys and dress myself up like them.

And I do doll art. You know, there’s a kind of doll called the Ball-jointed Doll, abbreviated as BJD, their joints are movable.You can make up and shape them. I like to make colorful dresses for them, do facial painting for them, and make them look like me. I also do photography works, taking colorful pictures of my collection of toys and dolls.

I also like hand-made art I like to make kawaii style accessories with unique colorful arrangement, such as necklaces or rings, which you can see on my Instagram account.

Which city or country have you visited that has given you a long lasting impression?

I was deeply impressed by Tokyo and Harajuku in Japan. It’s a country with a lot of culture and fashion capital.

I was so dazzled by the young people in Japan. Tokyo Fashion brings me a lot of inspiration. The girls in the streets of Harajuku, Japan, give me a glimpse: Their styles are so cute!

What is the best compliment you have received?

“Seeing your color makes us so happy!”

“Not only are you cute but your personality is adorable, this is mostly why I follow you!”

I feel so happy that my colors is bring good mood to others. Nothing can make me happier than this.

If you can time travel, what will you like to witness?

I hope to witness the reincarnation of fashion!

I think, such a beautiful world needs more colors and more confident people.

What turns you off?

I think if another person forces me to do something I don’t like or forces me to change my lifestyle. If so, I’m not me. I just want to be myself.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Mameko. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

The reason why sexy is sexy is that it can trigger a sexual attraction. Sex appeal, put on different people, will send out different flavor or produce different effects, and it really depends on whether the form of its release is brilliant and whether it has artistic conception.

In my opinion, sexuality is not only beautiful and attractive on the outside, but also internal and personality charm, which is the most attractive part. A person full of self-confidence, love themselves also love their life, be themselves, become what they want to be, that is the best way for sexy.

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Toy&Doll Art work and Hand Made work

New Kawaii Make Up work

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