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Why You Should Enjoy Toronto With A Companion

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Why You Should Enjoy Toronto With A Companion

Toronto is definitely one of the most fun cities in North America. The city is known for having unique neighbourhoods. There’s really something for everyone. There’s a beach neighbourhood (Queen st East), a party district (King and Spadina), a hippie district (Kensington Market), a luxury neighbourhood (Yorkville), a scruffy neighbourhood (Parkdale), and more.

Some people call Toronto NYC lite. I can see why. Toronto is sprawling, expensive, and filled with people in a hurry. We’re a little elitist compared to the rest of Canada. But, that’s why people love Toronto. It’s an exciting city where you can live your potential. Once you’re here, you won’t want to leave.

As far as the sex industry goes in Toronto, you’ll rarely be more spoiled anywhere else. You can have a massage in the morning, see a girl in your hotel in the afternoon and take her to dinner, then hit the strip club at night. The industry is basically live and let live in this city. You can have a lot of fun out in the open and no one really cares.

Another thing is: there are a lot of companions in Toronto. So many, you’ll find it impossible to choose just one to see on your visit. There are really so many incredibly sexy, beautiful, intelligent, and provocative companions in Toronto. Lots of clients will travel here simply to see a provider, or two, or three, that intrigues them.

Advantages of Engaging Companion In Toronto

I mean, let’s start with the companions. They’re smokeshows. You get to spend private time with amazingly sexy folks, with all the “advantages” that brings.

Beyond the obvious upsides of simply booking a provider, your date can give you useful tips about the city. If you’re travelling here for work and are staying near Union station, you might be tempted just to stay in that neighbourhood. After all, there are decent restaurants and attractions out that way. But if you really want to see the cool spots in Toronto, you’ll need to venture out to other districts. A companion can help you with that.

If you want to book a companion to accompany you throughout your visit, you’ll have an amazing time. It’s really the dream girlfriend experience. There’s something about waking up together and spending the perfect day together that bonds the both of you. When clients take me out to dinner or on trips I feel like we get to know each other so deeply.

If you’re visiting Toronto you’ll want to catch a theatre show, a sports game, or a concert. Why go alone, when you could go with an amazingly hot sidekick? Now you’re not just checking items of your “to-see list” in Toronto, you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Why I’m An Ideal Companion

My ideal archetype is “girl you meet in the bookstore who gives you fuck-me eyes and is wearing burgundy velvet and black lace somewhere on her body.”

My personality is pretty chill. I’m naturally a quiet person, but I have a very dry, dirty wit once you get to know me.

Best Duration To Enjoy Toronto Together

Hmm, that’s a tough one. I do love me a dinner date, so I’d say 4-6 hours is best for that. Whatever duration gives us enough time for a couple glasses of wine, I’m all for.

Can We Extend Our Date Beyond Toronto?

Yes! Canada is worth seeing from coast to coast. Make sure you check out Montreal, and some of the more natural areas of Quebec with beautiful lakes and wildlife. Go to the east coast and take a chill weekend with salty ocean air. Go to Calgary and ski (if that’s your thing) or just marvel at how beautiful the mountains are. Go to British Columbia and check out the west coast vibe.

I’d also suggest the northern part of Canada, like Yellowknife. Yellowknife was probably my favourite trip in Canada. Canada is so massive and impressive, and it was so cool (no pun intended) to be so far north.

Ways To Be My Favorite Client

By booking a multi-hour date, providing all the booking info in a concise, organized way, and by being charming and respectful during the date. Respect is the big one. I can basically enjoy being with anyone. Everybody has interesting characteristics and viewpoints.

A client who isn’t respectful, however, is one I have to watch out for. I’m constantly on my guard because I know they’re going to try and breach a boundary, or treat me like I’m not actually a human being. A client who’s respectful, on the other hand, is someone I can let myself go with. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

I’m Serena Paxton, a tall, auburn companion with a dancer’s body and a sinner’s mind. With undeniable assets and a sparkling wit, I’ll rev you up and then help you unwind. Let’s have a great time and leave the memories in our bed sheets.

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Serena Paxton

I’m Serena Paxton, a tall, auburn companion with a dancer’s body and a sinner’s mind. With undeniable assets and a sparkling wit, I’ll rev you up and then help you unwind. Let’s have a great time and leave the memories in our bed sheets.


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