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Why Every Business Man Should Engage A Luxury Companion

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Why Every Business Man Should Engage A Luxury Companion

To begin with, I would like to mention that I am coming from a really prejudice and judgmental background. I was born in Russia and raised in Ukraine. Not sure how aware you are of the culture there. In a nutshell: companions (they don’t use any of the alternative words, just “prostitute”or ‘whore”) are referred to as “girls with low social responsibility”, and escorting is called “ugly social phenomenon”.

I personally never saw sex work this way, but didn’t consider it as my line of work to begin with. Not that while ago, my life circumstances necessitated me to go on the “dark side” and I am so glad they did. Probably, so far it’s the best decision I have made. It started with a need and now it’s a huge part of my life and me as a person and I am not planning to give up on all this great experiences any time soon.

At the moment I can’t even describe how blessed and thankful I am to be in the community, to have so many supportive ladies, clients, the people who sincerely want all the SW to succeed, with whom I can be my true self, live, love and laugh.

The stigma and disrespect towards professional companions like myself here is clearly just a prejudice that society has based just on general knowledge. Only ignorant people can see companionship as inferior act. Is it bad when two (or more) people have a great time, can relax and unwind, experience new sensations, explore their bodies, range of emotions learn from each other, travel together, explore new places and adventures without any complication?

All romantic relationships between men and women involve an exchange of value to improve the lives of both participants. There is no fundamental difference between a relationship with a professional companion like myself and a “normal” one, other than you already know prior to entering the engagement, how long I am your girlfriend for and “break-ups” or “separation”are not heart-breaking.

Why I’m An Ideal Companion Date

I would describe myself as a sweet, warm, passionate, sophisticated young lady, who enjoys adventures and loves to try new things. Also, my European blood adds a little spice, so I can be intense, stormy and in a good way a little crazy. As they say, “still waters run deep“. With that being said, it is never a dull moment with me. On Twitter, there are a few videos, where you can here my laughter. I personally think it’s not pretty at all, but everyone finds it super sincere, hilarious and uplifting. (In case you are having a bad day, I suggest you watch it or better hear it in person…)

One of the greatest finesse this industry has taught me is how to deal with different types of people, handle various situations, adjust to any scenario, make people feel comfortable around me, see what one likes just by a brief chat.

Despite my young age, I am a well-educated lady. I already hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Business.  Soon looking to start a Masters Program. In addition to my school education, I consider myself to be a street-smart woman. I frequently read books about self-growth, self-development and spirituality. For me, it’s easy to support any conversation. I love a genuine laughter, discussions, doing activities together. It entails that my favourite rendezvous are definitely multiple hour ones, or multi-day. I see this as such, a wonderful opportunity to spend time, to get to know each other, to build long-lasting connections. Needless to say, that sex is a million times better when we become comfortable with each other.

I only share my time with men of grace and distinction, I don’t pretend to like them – I really do care for every one of them as individuals and I treat them like they deserve to be treated. One of my friends who was trapped in an abusive marriage claims that I literally saved his life by spending my time with him at his most vulnerable moment, so this makes me kind of a man’s emotional first responder – I even have the nurse uniform if we need it.

Reasons Men Engage Companions

I do meet a lot of gentleman who come to the city for business – conferences, meetings, projects, trainings, location scouting etc. From what I observed and been told, there are quite a few reasons why they are seeking companionship during such trips.

Constant flying, tight schedules, not enough sleep are only a few difficulties out of many that those men face while traveling. Hiring a luxury companion is a great way to de-stress, unwind, relax, and get your thoughts together for the next day or before an important meeting. Plus, traveling along can get boring. A courtesan can be everything you seek in one – a friend, conversationalist, arm candy, city guide, and bedroom nymph. She will keep you entertained, energized, and distracted from the pressure.

Also, a big part of it is definitely the opportunity to fulfil your fantasies. What’s most important is that having a rendezvous with a companion doesn’t require any commitment afterwards. You can have the time of your life, and after, return to your regular routine without any worry or obligations.

A lot of business trips also require outings, dinners and events. As a successful businessman, you’ll want to be seen with a beautiful, well dressed and well groomed, smart and classy lady. It is important to keep up appearances at social events.

I do have to mention, that many times gentlemen book me to spend time with their business partners, investors etc. As a sign of appreciation. Such gifts never fails (at least from my experience), but helps to close deals and maintain good business relationships.

To sum everything up, there are various reasons why gentlemen engage in such type of encounters. With mutual respect, discretion, open-mindedness and always positive attitude such relationships are a win -win situation.

To Be Continued…

Karina Valentina – I am  a young woman  who can be described as an “adventure seeker, soul healer, crazy laugher”. Also simply a lady who (it’s a Russian saying, might translate weird in English) will be a queen when meeting his friends, the most hospitable hostess around the house, and the dirtiest pornstar in bed:)

My friends also call me a Happy Butterfly by the way;)

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Karina Valentina

I am a young woman who can be described as an "adventure seeker, soul healer, crazy laugher". Also, simply a lady who (it's a Russian saying, might translate weird in English) will be a queen when meeting his friends, the most hospitable hostess around the house, and the dirtiest pornstar in bed:) My friends also call me a Happy Butterfly by the way ;)


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