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Tips for Finding the Perfect Match with Online Dating


Tips for Finding the Perfect Match with Online Dating

Relationships alone are complicated in themselves, making the search for a perfect match more challenging in the real world. Now add the world of online dating, where you can’t differentiate the real from the fake—finding a perfect match then becomes almost impossible.

But despite its many challenges, it is still possible to find your perfect match online, not to mention that it can be fun, too. Ready to find your ideal match? Read the tips below.

Always Do Your Research

It is advisable to do a little research before you go on a real date with a possible match, especially if you are nervous or it is your first time. Prepare yourself by reading helpful dating tips that will make your meeting as memorable as possible. You can also do a little research on the person you are about to meet.

But remember, don’t stalk them—just confirm that the necessary information is correct. For instance, dating sites like Plenty of Fish (POF) have taken away the ability of users on their website to search for other users, which means if you get matched, you might not be able to see your match’s profile. So, how then do you confirm their identity? You can verify this by using POFSearchtool, which can quickly bring out the profile of your match by cross-checking thousands of profiles on POF.

Define What You Want

You want a perfect match? Then create a list that defines what you want. Your listing should be as specific as possible, and the information reflected on your profile. For instance, if you’d like to settle down and have kids, don’t say “Looking for a relationship that can lead to marriage.” You can instead say, “Looking for a relationship that leads to marriage and partners that are open to having kids.”

However, if you only want something casual, state that as clearly as possible, too. That way, you only attract who you want.

Create the Ideal Profile

Most dating sites match you based on the information you supplied for your profile. Hence, it is best to handle the answer you input with care. Your profile is more or less like a database, and it shows other people who you are. You might think the information on your profile is too little for someone to judge by, but until such a person gets to know you better, they have to do with what they have. So, market yourself— you don’t know who is clicking.

Add a Profile Picture

Put yourself in another’s shoes: it will be a huge gamble going on a date with someone whose appearance you don’t know. Your profile may seem exciting and all, but without a profile picture, it can be a turn-off for some people.

Pictures you post shouldn’t be too much, maybe two or three, but it should include a headshot, a full-body photo, and probably a group picture.

Keep Profile Information Short and Precise

Yes, it is helpful to market yourself, but don’t ramble on so much that it gets too lengthy. A precise bio is more intriguing; you should give enough information to get the person’s interest piqued, but don’t make it too long because it tends to get boring.

Try Multiple Dating

If you are up for it, multiple dating can significantly increase your chances of meeting the perfect match. It is perhaps the fastest way of getting to the “promised land.” Instead of going on one date and trying again if you are not lucky, you can see several people at once. Who knows—you might see your ideal partner on one of these dates.

Avoid Cynicism and Sarcasm

It is best to leave out dark humor or cynicism from your bio. Your harmless joke can be offensive to another person, so keep all pessimistic, cynical, and dark humor remarks off your bio. It is too much of a gamble, and they might prevent you from meeting your perfect match.

Be Straightforward

When it comes to online dating, being straightforward is your best bet. Don’t try and be coy or play hard to get; this can reduce your chances of meeting someone great.


To conclude, patience is a virtue when it comes to online dating. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to meet someone. Remember, you made a list of what you want, so follow this through; it can only give you the best. In cases when you experience failed dates, learn from the lessons, and go on more dates. You might be lucky next time!


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