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Malaysian Blogger Miriam Goh


Malaysian Blogger Miriam Goh

Hi Miriam, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.  Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hi there 🙂

Firstly, thanks SimplySxy for this opportunity to be featured on your site. Well, I’m Miriam and I blog at Miriam Merry Go Round ( about well really everything I experience in my daily life. Coming from Malaysia, it’s definitely a country with tons of fun adventures and food 😉

What was  the inspiration behind starting your blog?

My initial journey with my blog was just as a personal diary where I shared about the teenage frustrations, stuff at that time which were like major decisions in my life but I got more active in blogging after graduating from university. I loved reading about adventures and experiences others shared on their blog and I realised how far in the world you could explore through one’s blog.

I love making new friends and through blogging I met so many new friends that empowered and helped me grow. Not only that, I believe that no one is ever confined to the place where they are because I hope that through my blog, my readers are also able to experience the joys in life that I encounter.

Which are your favorite beauty brands and products?

I am more of a K-beauty brand fan because heavy makeup isn’t something I steer towards. I like the natural look that Koreans pull off, the subtle colors that just highlights the best features instead of heavy makeup. I can literally just go out with just some concealer and maybe mascara. Oh wait! I would say recently my brows play an important part in my daily makeup look. I never leave the house without making sure my brows are in shape.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

I would say something funny would happen whenever I am around. Odd things that just don’t happen to other will somehow happen to me that my friends literally go speechless. Most of these incident happen because I seriously have the memory of Dory from Finding Nemo. One minute I am talking about a certain incident and the next thing I know, I don’t remember what I was talking about. There was once I was looking for my spoon while dining with friends only to realise it was in my hands the whole time.

How much of a foodie are you?

I am a huge foodie! Everyone around me can vouch for that. Just talk about food and you would see my eyes sparkle. I wouldn’t say I am a picky eater or have specific preferences but my taste buds do pick up on the different flavors. I love cooking as well so when I taste something that I really enjoy, I tend to experiment and try to come out with a similar (or better) dish 😉 I have a dream of owning my own food joint one day so I guess my love for food is a bonus.

I believe that food is one of the greatest joys because how can you not be happy in front of food? Great food also calls for good company and so many beautiful connections can be made with food.

What kind of movies do you enjoy watching?

Anything besides Horror! Gosh, take me to watch a horror film and you would see me squirming in my seats or watching from behind my hands. I actually fear for those who watch it with me because my friends told me they actually got shocked from me grabbing them all of the sudden instead of from the movie. *laugh*

If you could learn anything in this world, what will it be?

If possible, I would love to learn how to read people’s mind because gosh that would just avoid any unnecessary drama or miscommunications. Sometimes I wished that people would just say what they are thinking but I guess there are somethings that can’t be said. But on a serious note, I would love to learn all the different cuisines from every country because in food, there is so much culture and so much we can learn.

How will you describe an ideal date?

An ideal date for me would be going for some fun activities like going for Escape Room, Laser Tag or maybe catch a good movie and of course ending with a good meal. But all in all, the ideal date would be anything as long as it is with the one I love.

It is a pleasure to feature you Miriam. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

I believe sexy isn’t just about the appearance but one can be intelligently sexy or sexy on the inside as well. Everyone has their own appealing features which can excite those they meet whether emotionally, mentally or physically *wink* Most importantly is just to be yourself no matter what shape or size you are because everyone is just fabulous!

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