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Miss Singapore Popularity Winner Gisele Ong


Miss Singapore Popularity Winner Gisele Ong

Hi Gisele, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Can you share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hello. Thank you for featuring me. My name is Gisele Ong and I work as an Investment Analyst-Real Estate. I am also a model and ex-Miss Singapore Finalist – Miss Popularity Winner.

During my free time, I dance and play the piano. I started dancing since 5 years old – from my mum, she was a ballet instructor; and I started learning music at 12 years old.


You participated in the Miss World Singapore 2015 contest last year, what made you decide to join it and how was the experience like for you?

My decision to join Miss Singapore was an “accident”. Growing up, I used to watch the competition on TV, and I am always curious what will it be like to be a finalist/Miss Singapore. So one day, when I chance upon the audition, I just… went for it.

I completed two Miss Singapore competitions. Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2015 where I emerge as Miss Popularity Winner and Miss World Singapore 2015. My experience with Miss World Singapore was a very pleasant, I learn a lot. The importance of etiquette and networking – what to do, what not to do; but the most important part is, I become good friends with all the finalist.


How did you get into modeling and was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

My modelling career begins right after I completed Miss World Singapore 2015. During my stint as a Miss Singapore finalist, I discover I have a passion for photoshoot. And that’s how I get into modelling.

Photo Credit: Ivan Teo

Photo Credit: Ivan Teo

Which genre do you prefer to model?

I love taking photos. I am moving towards becoming a fine art portrait photoshoot model.

Photo Credit: Ejun Low

Photo Credit: Ejun Low

How much of a foodie are you and what are your favourites?

I love eating and I can eat a lot! Sashimi is definitely my favourite! I also like carrot cake, char kway teow and chili crab – typical Singaporean.

Oh, oh, have I forgotten frozen yogurt? – I always tease my friend (the franchise holder of Llaollao) to make me the ambassador of his froyo company. =P

Photo Credit: Ivan Teo

Photo Credit: Ivan Teo

What’s 3 reasons to visit Singapore other than having the chance to catch you?

Awwww, I’m flattered. There are more than 3 reasons to visit Singapore.

But the most important reason is, if you want to get rich, visit Singapore. =P Singapore is a business hub and we have one of the lowest tax rates around the world. The city is also very safe and clean. So it is a place may want to consider – it’s a safe investment haven.

You wouldn’t want to miss out the beautiful cityscape of my country. It’s breathtaking, magnificent day and glittering night views.

Also, Singapore has a unique culture. Multi-racial. Singaporeans are friendly; it will be easy for you to blend in.

Photo Credit: Christopher Tan

Photo Credit: Christopher Tan

Which is the funniest attempt a guy has tried to know you and did it work?

My ex-colleague tried to “score me”, he was drunk and he said it bluntly and openly. Nice try bro, you have a wife, be faithful to her! I’m sorry, but you are not even hot, my body doesn’t crave for you.


Will you be in any events or projects where we can hope to see you in the coming year?

My whole year’s schedule is packed with photoshoots. Hopefully you get to see more arty pictures of me around the web. =) Follow me on my Instagram: @giseleong21 and my Facebook fan page:

It’s a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy and before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

 Two words. Embrace femininity.

Follow the beautiful Gisele Ong on:
Instagram: @giseleong21

Images courtesy of Gisele Ong unless stated otherwise

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