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International model, actress and host Isabelle Du is the eBay queen!


International model, actress and host Isabelle Du is the eBay queen!

Who is Isabelle Du?

A born and raised Californian native, I’m currently based in Los Angeles as an actress, international model and host. Currently, I’m a series regular model on the 2015 Critic’s Choice Award Winner: Syfy’s Face Off. And last year, my boyfriend and I raced around the world on the 25th season of the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race. Some of my previous work has included FHM, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Tresemme, and Urban Outfitters.


What’s one fun fact about yourself?

I’m a total point hoarder. I’m completely obsessed with earning and redeeming points for things – from free cash to gift cards to massive amounts of airline points. I have all kinds of apps that I use on the daily. There’s one where I’ll take photos of my shopping receipts and earn cash for it. I become so completely consumed with earning points that if I see a random receipt on the ground, I’ll have no shame picking it up just to take a photo of it, haha! People have scoffed at the idea but I genuinely have so much fun with it. Plus, little do they know that so far this year, I’ve earned about over $800 in free money just by collecting points.


Do you have any hobbies?

My friends call me the eBay queen. I sell anything and everything online actually. From eBay, Poshmark, Threadflip, Tradesy, Mercari, I love signing up for all kinds of online marketplaces. Some of the most surprising things I’ve sold have included toilet paper rolls, coupons, and junk mail. They’re not kidding when they say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!


Most embarrassing thing you’ve done?

When I lived in Vietnam, I used to ride around my gold motorbike Goldie. Going for dinner one night, I parked Goldie outside the restaurant and placed my helmet on the bike. As I walked inside, I noticed that everyone had their eyes on me. I thought maybe it was because I looked good that night and strutted my way to my friend at the table.

She stares at me too and then asks me, “What’s that on your head?!” The inside of my helmet had somehow detached itself from the outer part so I had this ridiculous white Styrofoam molding on top of my head the entire time. From parking my bike to walking into the restaurant and then sitting down, everyone was staring at my arts and crafts version of a helmet! When I took it off, the entire restaurant started laughing. I had no choice but to laugh it off.


One thing you can’t live without?

If we’re talking about a tangible thing, there’s nothing really that I absolutely need. I’ve had to move around a lot and so I prefer to live as minimally as possible. But if we’re talking about something intangible, I’d say hands down– love. Whether it’s from our family, friends or significant other, we all need it to feel human.


If you had the chance to meet anyone, what will it be?

My spirit animal. I wonder if it’s a hamster.

Are you more comfortable in lingerie or bikini?

I could easily live in both. Actually, I totally do.


Which movie character best represents you?

I’ve been told that I’m like Lucy from I Love Lucy. Everyday is like a new day of antics for me.

What’s the sexiest thing in your wardrobe?

My vintage mink fur coat from the 1940s that I got from the San Francisco Treasure Island flea market. With tears in the seams, it’s not in the best condition unfortunately. But I still love it because it makes me feel like a Hollywood starlet back in time.


A must have in your life is?

Tricky, tricky. This question sounds quite similar to the “one thing you can’t live without” one. Although, “a must have in your life” sounds like there’s lower stakes at hand. Right now, I’m going to say podcasts, I’m obsessed with “My Wife Quit Her Job” and “This American Life”. I can’t do my LA commutes without them. You should also ask what’s a “NOT must have in your life” so that I can answer top 40’s radio. Bleh!


What’s sexy to you?

Men who wear trench boots. Sobriety. Chivalry. Men who are proudly feminists. Wit. Fathers who are there for their kids. Hilarious comedians who use expletives sparingly. Humility. People who think quick on their feet. Confidence, not arrogance. Hand-written letters. Being well-traveled. And a constant desire to improve one’s self.

My short film SUMMER GIRLS is out right now. Bobby Vu directed it and it’s a dark piece that you’ve got to watch! You can see it here:

Also, you can watch me on Face Off on the Syfy channel every Tueday at 9/8c. You’ll only recognize me for the first few minutes and then the special effects make up artists transform me into these insanely elaborate creatures – be it an alien or monster.

Follow the gorgeous Isabelle Du on:

Instagram: @isabelle.du
Twitter: @isabelledu

Snapchat: @isabelle.du

Images courtesy of Isabelle Du

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