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Let’s Introduce Your Partner to Swinging


Let’s Introduce Your Partner to Swinging

So you have been thinking that you and your partner should trying swinging. Why not? It sounds like a lot of great (sexual) fun, doesn’t it? Well … there are a few things you should know before you dive right in.

First, you need to approach your partner to see if she or he is even interested in having sex with another couple. I have suggested to many people who have contacted me for advice on this, that I feel the best way to approach the subject is while both of you are in bed. A great way to bring this up would possibly while making love, you could take the opportunity to tell your partner, “So imagine that there was someone else here with us, doing … to/with you”. Later on, you can ask them if they found the thought of someone else in your bed erotic and exciting and then you have your answer as to their interest level.

We’re both interested… Let’s have sex!
Not quite yet.
Next, you need to make sure you two have talked about it in details. Finding out what limits your partner should be a priority. You should set some ground rules with your partner first to be sure you are on the same page, otherwise you could run into problems when things get down and dirty so to speak. Don’t worry; you should totally expect your rules to change and evolve as you get more comfortable in the swinging world. Just don’t force your partner or anyone else for that matter, into doing anything they don’t want to do.

Many people, especially men, tend to want to dive right in and start having sex, lots and lots of sex. But things will turn out so much better if you take things just a little slower.

So ground rules are set… Let’s have sex!
Still not just yet.
Now you have the challenge of finding other couples to play with. You can approach friends (I would not recommend that unless you are willing to lose them as friends-and possible have word get out that you two are swingers). You can go to a swingers club (good way to meet a lot of people in a shorts period of time). You can also post a profile on any one of the many swingers sites out there (takes some effort on your part to fill out your profile and reply to other members). All three of these options have their pros and cons and you have to try to figure out which method will work best for the two of you. That said, don’t feel that you are limited to one, try all three ways to meet other swingers if you want.

So what else before we can have sex?
Actually, that is the basics of what you need to know. If you want to learn more before jumping in, I would suggest you visit my site and read some of the info I have posted there especially for new swingers just like you. I will also be going into more details here on this site, so keep your eyes out for my next post. Till then, enjoy yourselves … Sandi

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Sandi Andersen

Sandi Andersen has been personally helping Swingers meet since 1993, with the help of her magazines Tryst (est. 1981) and Tab (est. 1956), which are no longer available in print form, and her website (est. 1995). She has a straight forward approach to topics of swinging and sex which comes through in her writing. Promoting healthy, safe sexual relationships with two or more people being involved, as in the Swinging Lifestyle, she has attended and presented many seminars on the subject at Lifestyle conventions and trade shows in Canada and across the United States. Her theory is that sometimes being able to talk with someone (or read about others' experiences and concerns) can make all the difference in allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy your sexuality to the fullest. Sandi also runs an online travel agency specializing in Adults Only Erotic Vacations under the main URL of, where she will help you pick the erotic vacation best suited for the two of you or for you to join in with a group of travelers.

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