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Kate Cee is a beauty!


Kate Cee is a beauty!

We love Kate Cee and her awesomeness. Find out what this Canadian beauty is up to as she shares her career plans, the secret to that amazing body and how a guy can catch her attention!

Hi Kate, thank you very much for your time taken to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Can you share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

I’m a 5’1 ball of fun and I’m from Vancouver, BC. Most of my relatives reside in LA though – I love it there, and that’s where my heart is! I just turned 24 and I currently work in the medical field. I’m planning to pursue medical sonography or pediatric nursing in the near future. I want to work with kids ’cause I’m a kid myself!


How will you describe your personal fashion style?

My style is so diverse. I’ll rock anything and everything. You could spot me in Louboutins or Huaraches. Regardless – clean, classy and timeless are my favorite looks by far.

Which items are a must have in your bag whenever you are out?

Credit card, ID, cash, powder, lipstick and keys!


You have many fabulous photos of food posts on your instagram. What is your secret to having that amazing body even with all these delicious pleasures?

To put it simply – moderation. I LOVE food, but I’m also active and try to gym whenever I can. Having a gym partner to push you out of your comfort zone helps and switching it up by doing activities that you enjoy.


Please share with us 3 fun facts about yourself!

1. I’m a pretty introverted individual and tend to have grandma-like characteristics. With that being said, I’m an avid reader, LOVE baking and adore tea! My extroverted side comes out to play when I travel.. My one goal is to travel the world.

2. I’ve never ever had cosmetic surgery. Haha, I’ve been asked this so many times or people just assume things, so I thought I’d throw it out there. Ladies and gents – I get it from my momma. ; )

 3. I’m a mix of Filipino, Japanese and Spanish. I have a couple tattoos in Japanese script – I love ink!!

Do you feel more comfortable in a bikini or lingerie?  

I feel more comfortable in lingerie.. Because it’s only exposed to that one person you’re getting intimate with.


What can a guy do to catch your attention?

Buy me food? Just kidding! Sort of. In all seriousness, someone who can make me laugh or smile until it hurts – that catches my attention the most! To keep my attention, genuine kindness and persistence are a must.

Which is your favorite body part?

My favorite would be my eyes. I love how expressive eyes can be without having to say a word.


It’s been a great pleasure to have you on SimplySxy, Kate. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

My definition of sexy is someone who exudes confidence while staying true to themselves. Someone that worries more on how they view the world, not how the world views them. I feel like what’s truly sexy is how amazing a person makes you feel based on actions – not of what you see.

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