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Lheslie Ann Ramos means business


Lheslie Ann Ramos means business

Determination and having a high drive for success has contribtued to Lheslie Ann Ramos expanding her Lara brand of salons and spas to what it is today. With a strong interest in fashion and modeling, Lheslie ensures she’s always up to date with the latest and fashionable trend changes in the industry. And she looks fabulous in a bikini too!

SimplySxy: Hi Lheslie, thank you for being on SimplySxy. Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers?

Lheslie: I am a 25-year-old businesswoman from the Philippines. I also do modeling on the side, but it is just part of my greater interest in fashion. It has helped me a lot with my current businesses, Lara Salon and Spa and Lara clothing line. I have been able to spot trends and see the inner workings of the fashion industry to keep my businesses up to date.


SimplySxy: What has been your career highligh so far?

Lheslie: On the business side, I am most proud of establishing and building my Lara brand for salons and spas as well as my Lara brand of clothing. On a more personal note, I am proud to have been able to help support my family, provide a good education for my siblings and a comfortable home.


SimplySxy: Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself!

Lheslie: I am a cat person. I enjoy traveling on a whim. Going to different places with just a bag pack and a guidebook. I also have a little girl who I help support in Thailand.


SimplySxy: Can you share with us one embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

Lheslie: I once walked into a men’s bathroom in another country, because I was confused by the signs. Needless to say some of the men were not happy….haha or maybe they were.


SimplySxy: What kind of guys attracts you?

Lheslie: I know it is a cliché but I am more into personality than looks. It is absolutely true, at least in my case that if you can make a woman laugh you has won half the battle. I also want a guy who is driven, a partner who understands hard work and gives me insight from a business point of view. Of course a guy who also knows how to have some fun after a hard day’s work.


SimplySxy: Describe an ideal romantic date? 

Lheslie: Like I mentioned before, I love traveling on a whim. So maybe a stay on a beach and eating at a hole in the wall restaurants that serves the local specialties.


SimplySxy: Do you have any hobbies?

Lheslie: I am beginning to get into cars. I am not talking about buying expensive cars, but more of the Fast and Furious 1 experience. Setting up stock cars.

SimplySxy: Thank you so much for letting us have you on SimplySxy. Before we end, share with us what ‘sexy’ is to you?

Lheslie: In me and what I can appreciate as well in other women, I find being physically fit and being comfortable in your own body sexy.

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